Crossing the
kingdom with one ticket


Crossing the
kingdom with one ticket

For years, the lack of a single digital ticketing app has made it complex and challenging to cross the country of Denmark using several modes of transportation. A new app developed by Netcompany on behalf of Rejsekort & Rejseplanen A/S makes it possible to traverse the country with just a few clicks. 


Despite its small size and homogenous nature, traversing Denmark using public transportation has historically required buying several different tickets from several different transport companies, when buying tickets in advance. 

»It has been challenging to travel across the country. The different regions in the country all have different transport companies, and they all have different ticketing apps«, Thomas Cordth, a partner in Netcompany, says. 

Travellers who wanted to book their entire trip in advance had to use a planning site such as Rejseplanen and Google Maps to figure out which companies offered transportation to their desired location, and then access these websites or apps to buy the different tickets, even when they were embarking on a relatively simple trip from one part of the country to the other.  

The alternative was to pay for the trip on the go using the physical smartcard introduced over a decade ago – the Rejsekort. 

»It wasn’t a future-proof solution«, Thomas Cordth says. 

»It has been challenging to travel across the country. The different regions in the country all have different transport companies, and they all have different ticketing apps«

Thomas Cordth, a partner in Netcompany


Netcompany was tasked by Rejsekort & Rejseplanen A/S to make a digital ticketing solution that would allow travellers to prepay for the entire journey using one single app. To accomplish this task, Netcompany’s team of engineers crawled information about rates, routes, and questions from Rejseplanen’s API, and presented it all in an intuitive and user-friendly app – RejseBillet.  

»It was a huge challenge to combine and present all the information from Rejseplanen, such as different tariff models and definitions of travel zones, in an intuitive and simple interface«, Thomas Cordth says.  


The ticket for the entire trip is delivered as a QR code that travellers can present to Public Transport Authorities, whether they travel by bus, train, metro, or letbane. 

»With RejseBillet, it’s become way simpler for a traveller to buy a ticket from e.g., Copenhagen to Skagen, as they can now buy one ticket from one place despite embarking on a trip with several transport types and companies«, Thomas Cordth says.  

Each company will still get their fair share of the venue generated from each trip. The app’s data foundation, curated by Netcompany, allows Rejsekort & Rejseplan A/S to figure out precisely how to split the income generated from a journey in a fair and simple way between the different transport providers.  

»It has become a lot simpler and easier for passengers to traverse Denmark with just a single ticket. I’m proud of the solution we’ve made«, Cordth says. 

Three stats

  • The new app makes it possible for passengers to buy one ticket in one place
  • It paves the way for phasing out local ticketing apps over time
  • The app splits the payment, ensuring each transport provider gets their share

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