Changing Europe with responsible digitalisation

We help Europe lead the way towards respon­sible digitalisation.

»Digitalisation is important, but it’s just as important to get it right. What Europe is good at is being responsible. One can act fast, develop quickly, and improve massively while adhering to the values that we call European: transparency, security, openness, and community.«

André Rogaczewski, CEO and co-founder

What guides us is a core belief that technology makes a real and positive difference to societies, businesses, the environment, and our common future – if done right.

By leveraging technology and digitalisation responsibly, it is Netcompany’s purpose to contribute to a modern and mature Europe that prioritises democracy, justice, transparency, and social security. Our goal is to empower societies and citizens of Europe to stand independently and strongly, and to lead the way in shaping a better future for all.

If we do it right, we will hand over a society to our coming generations that both we and they can be proud of. A society where innovation, growth, welfare, sustainability, and political stability go hand in hand.

The core tenets of responsible digitalisation

  • Letting businesses take control of their processes and data
  • Fostering collaboration and building strong partnerships with our customers
  • Focusing on re-use with IP-free platforms and never developing the same solutions twice
  • Investing in societies, digital upskilling, and education
  • Creating fully governed solutions

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Building stronger, more
sustainable societies for
generations to come

By using digitalisation to connect people, societies and businesses, we push forward the digital transformation. Our solutions help society’s vital institutions solve challenges and find new, better ways – ultimately affecting the way you live your life.

Netcompany is a global company.

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