Public transportation

We know that an efficient and stable national transport infrastructure — for private, public and freight transport — is essential for any society. In this context, stable and scalable digital platforms are crucial. With Netcompany as your partner, you gain access to unique insights into the solutions, data and legislation that define this field.

Netcompany has delivered and operates a large number of digital solutions for the transport sector. We have, for instance, delivered solutions for road/toll pricing, as well as a number of public transport solutions, such as signalling and digital ticketing systems.

These solutions play a key role in the provision of an efficient and stable national transport infrastructure.

User-friendly self-service solutions with fast time-to-market

Netcompany quickly and safely creates self-service solutions in close collaboration with customers and users. Prioritising the user experience from the very start of the process ensures that their needs are supported and that the solution is easy to use for all. 

Operational stability and efficient workflows are crucial

Netcompany is entrusted with the responsibility of developing, operating and maintaining a number of critical infrastructure solutions in Northern Europe.

All digital platforms are designed, built and operated based on extremely high stability and security requirements, while simultaneously prioritising efficiency in case workflows.

We have a broad overview of the solutions and data within the transport area, as well as an understanding of how they can add value to new solutions. We supply authoritative registers, administrative management systems, self-service solutions, surveillance/monitoring, and much more.

Our solutions within the transport sector

Netcompany’s Govtech Framework provides several examples of solutions and components that we can deliver and adapt to the critical functions of a transport authority.

We build these based on open and flexible technology – giving you full ownership of the final solution.

Using the tried and tested solutions within the Govtech Framework, you get your projects off the ground more quickly and enjoy speedier time-to-market. 

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