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The retail and wholesale sector is currently experiencing an unprecedented level of change. New digital technologies, societal conditions and increased global competition mean that customer behaviour and expectations towards purchasing experiences, services, efficiency levels and collaboration patterns are evolving rapidly. Netcompany can help you orchestrate a digital push that will place you at the front of the pack with your customers. We can also help you create a digital business platform that can infuse innovation, cohesiveness and efficiency into each and every one of your processes.

Netcompany has been at the forefront of the rapid development within the retail and wholesale sector for many years. We have stood side by side with our customers and helped them through transformations that have enhanced their positions and given them the ability to evolve as market conditions change. We can do the same for you. 

As a leading retailer or wholesaler, it is vital that you are able to integrate your services into a digital value chain in a way that fosters growth and increases profits while also maintaining control of order flows, payments, distribution, safety and internal processes. 

Your private and commercial customers no longer differentiate between the digital and the physical world. The trick is therefore to join the physical and digital trades in a way that maintains its focus on the customer, no matter how they interact with you.

You must be able to understand your customers’ behaviour patterns and needs and provide them with exceptional service both online and in person.

Keeping a sharp eye on costs is key when competition is fierce. This requires a business overview and flexible IT systems that communicate with each other so that you can automate as many processes as possible. 

Digitisation doesn’t just affect your bottom line. The implementation of innovative services and new digital opportunities for collaboration with your customers, suppliers and partners also creates important long-term value.

E-commerce solutions

Netcompany is behind several successful B2C and B2B e-commerce solutions. We can assist you at all stages, from advice on strategy and processes to solution creation and integration with existing IT systems.  

Examples of areas that we can assist you with: 

  • Advice and preliminary analyses regarding platform choice and compatibility with current systems
  • Creation and optimisation of e-commerce solutions across channels and devices
  • Multi-faceted product search with advanced filters
  • Process optimisation that enables your e-commerce solution, logistics, customer service etc., to be as integrated, automated and efficient as possible 

Netcompany works with several technical platforms and can therefore advise you on which would be best suited to you: Episerver, Sitecore, Adobe, Contentful, Umbraco, SAP Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, uCommerce, and others.

Sales and order processing solutions that connect channels

In order to combine physical and online commerce you will often need to establish a modern sales and order processing solution where you can sell products, create offers, monitor orders, update inventory and manage returns seamlessly across channels.

Netcompany can help build POS systems that support your ability to advise and sell to your customers, whether that be at a classic till or on a mobile device in the shop. 

We similarly assist wholesalers by building a quote support system that can handle interactions with customers where price and discount structures often vary or where custom-made orders or products are often included. Here, sellers typically need automatic price guidance so that they know their offers are being set at the optimal market price. 

Netcompany delivers standardised sales solutions based on platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Microsoft Power Platform, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and others, plus tailored solutions based on modern web and mobile app technologies.

Product information solutions (PIM)

Keeping track of product information is an art. For retailers there are often numerous product variations to be marketed and for wholesalers there is often an overwhelming number of unique product codes. Perhaps you experience a combination of both issues?  

Master data should ideally flow from the suppliers and into your systems automatically so that you avoid slow manual processes and secure close collaboration around market insights. 

We often recommend a Product Information Management system (PIM) to provide straightforward and central management across various channels, such as online, mobile, print, point-of-sale systems, and feeds for business partners. This is key to getting new products to market quickly as well as to securing the products’ ‘findability’. The main idea is to save resources on maintenance while also avoiding placing information in an ERP system that doesn’t belong there.   

We primarily deliver product information solutions on inRiver, SAP Commerce Cloud and Informatica, but we can also deliver on other standard platforms.

New benefits with ‘machine learning‘ and AI

Netcompany is ready to help your business enter a new era in which computers will increasingly execute intelligent analytical tasks, predictions and recommendations based on large volumes of data – often dubbed ‘machine learning’ and AI (artificial intelligence). 

A classic example of this is using AI to assess the relevance of each product for every customer, allowing you to provide relevant product recommendations. Intelligent models can also uncover patterns within your business processes and ensure that they are optimised according to your set targets. 

Digital business services that create value and customer loyalty

The development of innovative digital business services can create new value in your customer collaborations. If you can help to ease or streamline your customers’ day, you both create important long-term value for them and increase their loyalty to you. 

Netcompany are experienced in creating efficient self-service solutions where customers can access their own individual price lists, order summaries, invoices etc., as well as logistical services where they can order online and have their items delivered at home or for collection in store.   

We have also built innovative self-service solutions where customers can complete orders in store using their own smartphones and where VIP customers can open the store for self-service should they arrive outside of business hours.

Microservice architecture that supports agility and flexibility

In order to support retailers’ and wholesalers’ needs for agile and flexible scaling, we typically utilise microservice architecture. These are built from stand-alone services that encapsulate various business functions. Together they form a complete platform where modern technologies are launched as the business grows.

We deliver the microservice architecture based on Kubernetes and Docker, for example, which are combined with Kafka or other event-streaming technologies. We use Azure, Google Cloud, AWS and OpenShift as Cloud infrastructure.

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