Highlighted customer experience

Highlighted customer experience

Solar is the leading European sourcing and services company. As a customer-centric company it was critical to connect touchpoints across website, B2B ecommerce and a personalised dialogue solution optimising the customer journey and experience.

Solar is the leading European sourcing and services company offering a wide range of electrical, plumbing and ventilation products and is one of the Nordics’ leading and most modern companies within its field.

As its strategic partner, Netcompany develops business critical parts of their increased customer experience across all markets including: website, B2B e-commerce solutions and a new personalised customer dialogue solution.

The platforms are key aspects of Solar’s customer-centric journey with personalised digital engagements and analytics, collecting data across all touch-points, that are utilized to drive digital sales and customer loyalty. They serve as cross-organisational tools, supporting collaboration processes across several units: Product Management, Marketing, E-business, IT.

Netcompany's solutions make solar's customer journeys much more personalised and engaging, collecting data across touchpoints.


  • Transparency across customer touchpoints and behaviour has optimised relevancy and personalised customer information
  • Optimised investments and key decision-making drivers due to better data accessibility
  • Stronger cross-organisational collaboration – common data and customer goals
  • Consistent interface across all customer engagement touchpoints

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