The area of logistics is rapidly changing. The winners of the future will be defined by their ability to digitise, increase efficiency and successfully integrate their customers, business partners and even new acquisitions. Netcompany can help you flourish in this digital development. Our solutions have matured in collaboration with some of the world’s most successful logistics companies and you can benefit from our hard-earned expertise.

Many companies struggle with heavy legacy platforms for their transport and warehouse management systems (TMS and WMS). This can prevent them from offering their customers new digital solutions and optimising internal workflows. It also leaves them lacking business overview that enables them to make the right decisions fast.

With our unique combination of deep industry knowledge, ability to use state-of-the-art technology to support short- and long-term business needs, and an extensive ecosystem of reusable components, we can make your company a digital frontrunner.

Customer portals

Many transport and logistics companies suffer from siloed data and disconnected processes, making it hard to digitise the customer journey. Often, old Transport Management Systems (TMS), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or mainframe solutions are to blame. Netcompany has repeatedly shown that we can lift companies out of this deadlock quickly and with control.

We can offer modern customer portals that provide:  

  • Online booking and rate calculation
  • Track & trace and shipment overviews
  • Customers and freight document management
  • Exception management

A good customer portal provides you with fast and precise services and enables you to offer your customers full, end-to-end supply chain visibility. 

Pipeline, quoting and tenders

The transport and logistics industry is characterised by fierce competition. It is therefore crucial for businesses in this sector to run as efficiently as possible, while increasing sales and customer loyalty, too.

Netcompany offers solutions to make the quotation process more efficient. With a “Configure Price Quote” tool (CPQ) your salespeople can quickly provide customers with accurate quotes and increase the chance of winning new business. 

The solution can also be made available to your customers — to streamline the booking process while taking current price agreements into account.

We can also support the sales process with solutions for pipeline management. Our solutions are based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce and are often directly integrated with the CPQ.

Data optimisation

Our extensive knowledge of the system landscape amongst transport and logistics companies — combined with our skills in data and integration — allows us to optimise how you use your data.

A data platform can enable you to collect data across business units and systems. This data can then be used for a range of high-value initiatives, such as data consolidation, improved reporting, analysis of expenses across the value chain, and making data available in customer-facing solutions for e.g. tracking. Our data platform also supports event-based data exchanges which enables you to break down the data silos that currently characterise the transport and logistics industry.

The ability to reduce and document CO2 emissions will also become a decisive factor in the future, given the increased focus on the transport industry’s emissions. A data platform can assist you in monitoring and documenting your CO2 output.

Netcompany utilises a number of technologies and platforms: Microsoft SQL, Azure, AWS, Google, Kafka, Hadoop, Spark, and others.


The transport and logistics industry requires a well-run and efficient ERP solution. The ERP implementation process is put under pressure by a number of factors, such as large volumes, global and complex business structures, and complicated currency, customs and tax matters. Master data management is also critical, particularly when successful implementation relies on the interaction between data ownership and Transport Management Systems (TMS).

Netcompany differs from other ERP providers because we incorporate ERP into the wider IT context. We know that the ERP solution mustn’t become a cumbersome weight that hinders future digitisation initiatives. Instead, we ensure that it remains a flexible and effective solution — one that focuses on the areas where ERP solutions shine. We deliver our ERP solutions via Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Finance & Operations, Business Central, AX and NAV).

API management and microservices

The ability to offer easily accessible, external APIs has become a decisive factor within the logistics industry. Large enterprises are moving away from EDI, opting for improved integration in order to streamline their supply chains as well as be part of a variety of customer and partner ecosystems. What’s more, the continued e-commerce boom makes it appealing to attract these fast-growing digital players by offering better integration and automation.

We have helped several of the industry’s key organisations implement API Management solutions and we are experienced in a number of the leading API Management technologies: Azure API Management, Apigee, Amazon API Gateway, 3scale and Kong.

In order to support the industry’s need for agility and flexible scaling, we often utilise microservice architecture. These are built from stand-alone services that encapsulate the various business functions. Together they form a complete platform where modern technologies are launched step by step as the business grows.

We deliver the microservice architecture based on e.g. Kubernetes and Docker, which are then combined with Kafka or other event-streaming systems — for example, we could use Azure, Google Cloud, AWS and OpenShift as cloud infrastructure.

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