From ten truck drivers to a global powerhouse


From ten truck drivers to a global powerhouse

Few could have foreseen the digital needs of DSV, a current-day powerhouse of global transportation and logistics that started as a collective of truck drivers in a sleepy village almost 50 years ago.


When Leif Tullberg and nine other independent truck companies assembled in 1976 in the small, Danish town of Skuldelev, they weren’t gunning for world dominance; the goal was to become a stronger player in Denmark’s transport market by joining forces.

But today, almost 50 years later, world dominance in their field is more or less what DSV has achieved. Every day, 75,000 employees in more than 90 countries on every continent of the globe work on transporting goods all across the world for the company’s clients, with the help of everything from trucks and cargo ships to airplanes and trains.

The logistical challenge of that would daunt most, but DSV doesn’t stop there. A cornerstone of the company is to acquire other companies. And while DSV knows how to transport almost anything to almost anywhere in the world, the company realized it needed to undergo a digital transformation and build the digital platforms that could support the company’s frequent acquisitions.

»The greatest value of our transformation lies in the ability to quickly optimize the business as our needs evolve«

Jens Lund, Group COO of DSV


Netcompany has assisted with the implementation of a hybrid computing platform that supports a more flexible system landscape. The new platform equips DSV to meet dynamic market requirements such as growth, peaks, and decline. In addition, DSV has introduced a new global platform to facilitate advanced analytics, AI, and process automation. With the platform, DSV can increase transparency and predictability, thus optimising operations across divisions worldwide.



With the new modern platform, DSV will be able to meet market needs more effectively, shorten time to market for new business initiatives as well as be more open to new partnerships that can secure further growth. Ultimately, the solution enables DSV to continuously enhance their strong position in the market by future-proofing the business globally.

»DSV wanted to spend less time and money on operating the digital infrastructure and more on further growth, and I’m proud that Netcompany was trusted to take part in the transformation program. We definitely gained a newfound respect for the logistics that are needed to operate on such a global scale«

Thomas Cordth, Partner Netcompany

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