Financial Services

Financial institutions are defined by bits and bytes — more so than any other industry.

Netcompany fundamentally believes that three factors have a significant impact on a financial institution’s ability to deliver on their targets in a digital age: choosing the right technologies; allocating personnel capabilities correctly; and using the right operating model.

Equally, financial institutions must depart from legacy-based, monolithic IT applications and transition to an ecosystem of self-contained, composable modules that enable flexibility and actionable digital strategies, while also lowering costs and achieving shorter time-to-market:

As business needs change, organisations must be able to deliver innovation quickly and adapt applications dynamically — reassembling capabilities from inside and outside the enterprise. To do this, organisations must understand and implement the “composable enterprise.”

Gartner - “Future of Applications: Delivering the Composable Enterprise”

No company can deliver on its KPIs if this transformation is not conducted at a certain speed, as the playing field is always evolving. Based on our extensive experience in delivering complex transformation projects we can offer you a safe fast-track route to a digital stronghold in the financial services industry.

Digital transformation and mainframe offload

Many large businesses have an intense desire to kickstart their digitisation journey. Yet, most find themselves faced with an overriding challenge: their current mainframe. 


Aided by our depth of knowledge and insight into the industry, we have helped businesses like yours to offload their ageing mainframe onto new and modern platforms.

Our approach is usually a process of discovery — where an operational roadmap is created by mapping out the existing business processes in order to understand how these can be moved onto the new platform, piece by piece.

Recovery of sums

Netcompany has extensive experience in delivering new financial recovery systems. Here, data quality is critical in ensuring that you can recover the due amounts while also protecting your customers’ rights. We therefore implement solutions where data quality is prioritised through easily adaptable rule engines and reconciliation components. 


Our depth of knowledge in this area allows us to assist and advise you in achieving a modern and data-driven recovery business.

Payment solutions

Netcompany has developed its own payment solution to perform many social and business-critical functions. The solution is a standard platform that currently pays out more than DKK 200 billion annually in Denmark. Its unique adaptability means it can be used within both the public and private sectors.


A core component of the solution is a strong process engine which facilitates the automatic and timely execution of all your payments. Moreover, it is built upon modern and open technologies which enable innovation and agile product development via quick and easy configuration.

Data and AI

Running a data-driven business has become a prerequisite for modern financial organisations. Over the years, Netcompany has become an expert in data management within banks, insurance companies and pension providers. Here we have helped our clients consolidate large data silos in modern cloud data platforms. This improves efficiency and transparency, while also greatly reducing costs.

We have unique experience with compliance and data governance within the financial sector and we use a development setup that increases the transparency of your data.

We have also worked closely with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority which has enabled us to build extensive knowledge in areas such as financial analyses, market abuse and money laundering.

Netcompany is the only supplier in Denmark to have created a system that covers all financial reporting, as well as all transactions/trade with financial instruments related to Danish entities. This involves large amounts of data with a high level of complexity.

Sales systems and pipeline management (CRM)

It goes without saying that your business requires its sales force to perform at the highest possible level  — a sales system that supports an efficient and well-structured sales process is essential for this to happen. This system should provide a real-time overview of hit rates, pipeline and other key sales KPIs, so that management and individual employees can maximise its potential.

Netcompany has extensive experience of implementing sales systems on market-leading platforms such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, which utilise the most advanced technologies, for instance AI-assisted lead selection and prioritisation. We also have the skills required to ensure that data provided by the system gets translated into valuable process improvements.

Digital self-service solutions and customer engagement

Customer service is one of the most valuable ways to differentiate yourself using digitisation, and outshine your competitors. Traditional customer service is in need of an overhaul — that’s why Netcompany has been delivering innovative, data-supported customer portals and self-service solutions for banks, insurance companies and pension providers for many years.

These solutions play a central role in creating the optimal customer journey and they ensure that your customers can easily purchase or amend products.

We make sure that the customer portal is built upon technology that can use behavioural data to monitor your customers’ needs, so that new functionalities can be built and delivered promptly.

Invoicing and billing

Your customers deserve a simple and accurate invoice — one that’s delivered on time, every time.

It should also be possible to automatically view and pay this invoice using simple and modern payment solutions. It should be easy and hassle-free to create an invoice and for a customer to process it —any deviation or error in the billing process can quickly lead to dissatisfied customers and put additional pressure on your customer service team.

We have broken free from the costly billing platforms and complex ERP systems of the past and can offer you a cost-effective, cloud-based billing solution. Our solution, Netcompany Billing, is modular, flexible, has low operating costs, can be easily integrated and does not lock you in to any specific supplier.

Insurance product development

Netcompany is experienced in insurance product development (“greenfield” approach) as well as product enhancements (“1:1” approach),   focusing on digital customer engagement, the creation of self-service systems, and data capture from various internal and external sources.


Furthermore, we work with different pricing models and advanced pricing structures using AI and machine learning, optimising the profitability at point of sale.

By using the minimum viable product approach, Netcompany assists in developing and enhancing product content, underwriting requirements and distribution models.

Netcompany country layer for the insurance sector

The Netcompany Country Layer provides a standard interface that includes all your country specific integrations, making implementation and maintenance simple, reliable, fast, and cost-efficient.

The country layer is initially being built for Denmark, but the vision is to support insurance companies across the Nordics, Netcompany’s strategic region.

Key benefits

  • Platform and tech agnostic — the country layer interacts with legacy and/or standard platforms, chosen by you.
  • An industry standard for insurance companies that allows you to focus on developing unique solutions for your customers with an ongoing expansion of the country layer to comply with legal, business and technology requirements.
  • Significantly reduced development time/costs and minimised risk in complex transactions.
  • A future cost-share model will reduce maintenance costs 24/7 cloud-based monitoring provided under SLA by Netcompany.

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