Connect your business to other businesses, governments, and citi­zens through intelligent and dynamic services.

AMI is a secure platform that connects businesses and people. As a Digital Wallet, it offers a range of compliant ‘my site’ features like archive, profile, sign, and pay as a service. Additionally, AMI allows fast data- and document exchange with other businesses.​

The why

Nobody knows exactly when the first letter was written – it was probably sometime around 500 BC. What we do know is that it was carried by so-called “living letters” – humans who were asked to deliver additional verbal messages and goods.

On October 29th, 1969, the first electronic message was sent.

Through the 1990’s, the portable document format (PDF) emerged as the favorite vehicle for critical, electronic messages. The advantage of that format was that it was tamper-proof.

The disadvantage was that the “living” aspects of the letter were replaced with an inert document. In many cases, businesses and citizens did want to tamper with the letter.

Banks used the electronic message to onboard new customers, customers used it to pay their library bills, and governments used it to remind citizens of required actions.

The PDF itself could do none of these things. Instead, citizens and businesses became workers who inspected the PDF for required actions and jumped to necessary platforms to complete tasks.

AMI was created in the belief that data, actions, and services can be implemented directly in the letter, replacing the inertness of the PDF with a data-driven, actionable letter-format that allows citizens, governements, and businesses to communicate effectively with each other.

What is in the box?

Seamless connections


Establish seamless connections among businesses, governments, and citizens through intelligent and dynamic services.

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