The mainframe for the 21st century.

AMPLIO is a full-stack enterprise solution designed for the modern business landscape.

Its modular architecture promotes seamless transitions towards modern IT infrastructure, offering an alternative to legacy systems and commercial off-the-shelf software solutions.

Its library of published, versioned software components facilitates a transition to event-based data-driven process flows for handling tasks and provides a wide range of tools for establishing such solutions. It is designed to co-exist in complex system landscapes, integrating to and consolidating data from several data sources.

The platform includes basic and standard features, country-specific features, and client adaptions via client community and customer-specific configurations and extensions.

In society-critical systems built on AMPLIO, yearly transactions exceed 30 billion euros, demonstrating platform robustness. Over 3000 case workers utilize AMPLIO daily, handling over 300 million events annually, and distributing over 20 million pieces of mail, showcasing its scalability and versatility.

What is in the box?

AMPLIO is comprised of a range of components generic and applicable to all case management domains. The components, patterns, and processes have been identified, generalised, and hardened based on more than 1M hours of hands-on experience with complex case management domains. As a result, AMPLIO can prioritise business needs as the fundamental services and requirements have already been fulfilled.

AMPLIO suggests a generalised approach for all case management- and administrative systems. It holds all the necessary Lego blocks and an overall blueprint of how to structure the system.

The entire system has been built for:


  • High flexibility – only the truly generic elements are placed in AMPLIO
  • Scaling – components can be scaled up. Nothing is too big.
  • Full automation including ready-for-AI decision support. The core design enables a per-task audit log and decision lineage and, if allowed, a per-rule engine
AMPLIO Connect


AMPLIO is built for integrations and uses 100+ different integrations across installations. It enables real-time data synchronisation and automation between systems; it leverages adapters and connectors to abstract away and simplify integrating with third-party systems; and it uses protocol templates such as REST, SOAP, and messaging queue setups to accelerate connectivity establishment. In short, AMPLIO Connect enables organizations to streamline their integration processes, reduce development time, and improve overall system performance.

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