Netcompany helps Polish NGO serve Ukrainian refugees


Netcompany helps Polish NGO serve Ukrainian refugees

Netcompany’s administrative platform AMPLIO makes case handling easy and efficient and has to date helped more than 15.000 Ukrainian refugees find a new home in Poland via the Polish NGO HumanDoc. 


The Russo-Ukrainian war broke out on the 24th of February 2022. Shortly thereafter, the Polish NGO HumanDoc started sending busses from Ukraine to Warsaw and helped the refugees find a footing in a new country. 

»We had hundreds of clients every day«, HumanDoc’s Stanisław Brudnoch remembers.  

»People were evacuated, and we distributed humanitarian aid, accommodation, psychological support, and food as best we could«. 

Netcompany admired the work done by the Polish NGO and contacted them to offer them their help. 

Marek asked Humandoc if they could think of any digital tool that would make their life with helping refugees easier.  

»When the war broke out, we were used to do doing all case work in simple Excel sheets, such as providing evidence for each case, registering it and being transparent. With hundreds of clients each day, that was not feasible«, Stanisław Brudnoch remembers. 

»We tried to help with tools, mobile phones, powerbanks, and so forth«, says Marek Tomaszewski, Netcompany manager.  

»We quickly realised that if we wanted to help as much as possible, we should help with what we do best – digital tools« 

Marek Tomaszewski, Netcompany manager

Speech therapy for children at HumanDoc

Theatre workshop at HumanDoc


»Based on what HumanDoc told us, we quickly decided that our case management system AMPLIO would be the best solution to replace working in Excel sheets«, Marek Tomaszewski says. 

AMPLIO status as a configurable standard system meant it could be implemented quickly. In only four months, the system was ready.  

All case types were configured for the HumanDoc foundation. All Danish-specific integrations were deleted and replaced with Polish registration systems, and one extra functionality was added – a history of addresses of the refugees. 

»The system was easy to learn. We had a 3-day workshop with Marek and his team, and we also held continuous meetings where we discussed best-practice use of the system. The Netcompany team was very open-minded and helpful. Often, they knew better than us what we wanted and needed«, Stanisław Brudnoch remembers.


From the beginning, the AMPLIO system helped HumanDoc easily register and monitor all refugee related cases. If a case worker registers a case – such as medical supply for a refugee – AMPLIO also suggests and adds steps that are needed to solve the case, which speeds up the case management process. 

»The system made us faster, and it helped us better evaluate and monitor our work, and to be overall more professional. We now have more time to work with actual people,« Stanisław Brudnoch says.  

To date, the project has helped HumanDoc give more than 18.000 refugees a new home in Poland. 

The project is the first by Netcompany in Poland, but it’s likely not the last. 

»We’ve been able to help a huge number of refugees through HumanDoc. I’m very proud of our work,« Marek says. 

HumanDoc's new IT system

  • Has helped more than 15.000 Ukrainian refugees
  • Has provided more than 60.000 services to those refugees
  • Was implemented in only four months due to its configurable nature

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