Creating simplified grant management work processes


Creating simplified grant management work processes

The Norwegian Directorate for Integration and Diversity (IMDi) needed to strengthen and digitise their systems for case processing of subsidy schemes.

IMDi needed a grant management solution to facilitate fast, simple, accurate and uniform assessments, as well as the calculation and payment of subsidies through integrated digital solutions, which effectively safeguard information security.

Together with Netcompany, IMDi will make the processes for application processing more simple, safe and efficient with the help of digital solutions. Netcompany will assist with the delivery of a new grant management solution to better handle the calculation and allocation of integration subsidies to Norwegian municipalities.

“The right subsidy, to the right municipality, at the right time” is what this solution delivers.

Norwegian municipalities are entitled to integration grants and subsidies for the settlement of unaccompanied minor refugees and refugees with disabilities.


  • Integrated digital information flow
  • Available and relevant management information
  • Flexible and scalable processes and tools
  • Accurate and uniform grant calculation and payment

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