Netcompany Platform increases quality and transparency in the Norwegian healthcare sector


Netcompany Platform increases quality and transparency in the Norwegian healthcare sector

For many years, it has been a complex matter for doctors, case workers, and pharmacists to access and share information about medicinal products.

Now, a new digital platform designed for easier access to medical information, expedited case handling, and greater patient safety is changing that.

The challenge

The Norwegian Medical Products Agency (NOMA) has long had a multitude of different IT systems. This portfolio of systems has made it cumbersome and time-consuming to share information among employees and other healthcare institutions, resulting in a lack of overview and insufficient knowledge sharing.

To combat this issue, in 2020, NOMA sought a partner who could consolidate workflows and data on a single cloud platform.

Netcompany emerged as the chosen partner for this task.

The solution

Data is worth its weight in gold – especially if it can be shared and accessed by all relevant parties in an easy and well-organised manner.

That is precisely the purpose of NOMA’s DELE platform, a cloud-based desktop tool built on Microsoft’s business application, Microsoft Dynamics. It aims to make high-quality data accessible to healthcare sector employees and citizens alike

»With DELE, the Norwegian Medical Products Agency is moving towards a more data-driven approach to their work. There's an enormous amount of information generated about medicinal products, particularly in connection with approval processes, for example when pricing medicines. At the same time, there's a great demand for structured information about both medicinal products, case handling processes, and data for prescription and decision support. Therefore, the goal with DELE has been to combine these interests, processes, and data points on a single platform«

Christoffer Daae-Qvale, Partner at Netcompany Norway

Whether it’s about providing the right medical data for eg. e-prescriptions or streamlined case handling, DELE aims to ensure that medicines are safe and effective, and that the correct data is provided to the relevant parties in the national healthcare system and hospitals, thus benefiting every single citizen – and not just in Norway.

DELE is intended to make it easier for the NOMA to share their data with other European authorities, thereby strengthening health cooperation across national borders.

The result

So far, the platform has, among other things, enabled the automation of data registration, streamlined internal case handling, and distributed quality-assured drug information to the Norwegian healthcare sector.

In addition, the platform has introduced several new features in the Norwegian healthcare system, such as approval and information systems where health professionals can report their experiences with different preparations, and where citizens can read about dosing and side effects associated with their medication.

DELE is being developed in accordance with current international standards for design and security, and the platform also enables pharmaceutical companies to update information about their products online themselves. This simplifies the registration process and makes it easier to maintain updated information about medicines.

Having spent all of 2021 conducting extensive analysis work, the first part of DELE was completed in 2022 – among other things, with new professional systems for pharmacy licenses, business permits, and supervision. Work is expected to continue until 2024.

The platform is thus still in its early stages, but Christoffer Daae-Qvale is optimistic about the project’s future prospects.

»It’s still ‘early days’, but we are optimistic and believe that we will be able to satisfy the increasing demand for structured data even more easily in the future. It all looks promising,« says Christoffer Daae-Qvale.


  • 367 employees at NOMA will be able to streamline their work with the DELE platform
  • On average, 89 drugs are approved by NOMA per year - with DELE they can be approved faster
  • An average of 215 marketing authorisations are issued by NOMA - in the future, companies can look forward to even quicker case handling

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