An efficient, trustworthy and digitised tax system is the cornerstone of a modern society with well-functioning public services.

With Netcompany as partner and full-service supplier, your tax authority will gain access to the technology, methodology and knowledge that have been the driving force behind the development of modern solutions for the Danish tax system.

How do you, as a tax authority, ensure that your administration is transparent and trustworthy, while supporting your case management with efficient, scalable and flexible systems?

Netcompany has extensive experience in delivering complex solutions and comprehensive integrations to tax authorities and public registers, working closely with your business experts, lawyers and case workers. We teach your users how to use the solutions most efficiently and facilitate agility in the further development of the solution.   

As part of our total delivery, Netcompany also provides you with the conversion of legacy data as well as data insight and operationalisation for planning and production management purposes.

Your Netcompany solution will provide society and its institutions with the efficiency and trustworthiness that will help you meet your objectives as a tax authority. We are your platform. 

In addition, from our wealth of experience working on a large number of projects which have had to comply with EU requirements and regulations, we know how to ensure the proper observance of your EU obligations.

Addressing the needs of modern revenue authorities

Netcompany-Intrasoft is a world leader in the provision of Public Sector Tax and Revenue Management solutions. We have over 30 years’ experience and more than 50 Revenue Authorities as customers around the world.

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