Fully digitised and efficient corporate tax reporting


Fully digitised and efficient corporate tax reporting

In DIAS (digital reporting of corporate taxes), companies – and accountants working on behalf of a company – can submit forms, create requests for changes to basic information and invite companies to a joint taxation circle for which they are a management company.

The purpose of DIAS is to improve the quality of digital communication in the area of corporate taxation and to contribute to improved efficiency and digitisation of case management for the Danish tax authorities.

The system consists of 4 general areas wherein there are various functionalities for the user to either report or modify existing data related to corporate tax. These are:​

  1. Basic Registration
  2. Tax Return
  3. Loss Register
  4. Requests


In addition to the data and actions that are handled in the above areas of DIAS, the system also integrates a number of external tax services to update companies’ basic information and to perform final tax calculations.​

Netcompany has also been awarded the operations, further development, and maintenance of DIAS.


  • Full digitisation of key reporting processes such as the submission of corporate tax returns, reducing the extent of direct interactions between companies and the tax authorities to a minimum.
  • Improving the tax authorities’ case management efficiency and insight in vital areas such as corporations’ reported loss.​

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