Significant resources and intensive collaboration between the state, local authorities and police are required to ensure strong action with regards to immigration.

Netcompany delivers robust solutions that compile and share the legally required data between relevant authorities. Netcompany delivers end-to-end solutions and services within the area of immigration. These solutions support the regulation of and information for citizens at home and abroad.

This information can include data on who is allowed to enter and stay in the country, how long they are allowed to stay for and on what terms, who is eligible to become a citizen, and much more. 

In collaboration with our partners, we offer digital tools and technologies within areas such as border control and biometrics that can help authorities in their work to secure borders and control immigration.

Secure sharing of relevant data between immigration authorities.

Immigration is an area that requires a strong collaboration between the state, local authorities and the police. There is currently an increased focus on document authentication, biometric data for identity verification and data sharing within the Schengen Area.

Netcompany delivers robust solutions that compile and share data between the relevant authorities and which can easily be adapted to new national and international legislation.

Easy access to relevant information and digital self-service systems for those who want to enter and stay in Denmark, as well as for family members, businesses or educational institutions and others.

Netcompany has provided several portals to the immigration sector, including a portal where foreigners who wish to live or work in Denmark can find all relevant information regarding rules and application procedures for asylum, work permits, study permits, and more. 

A solution that addresses the growing immigration cha­llenges across Europe

Netcompany has developed a solution that supports the full immigration journey by streamlining and expediting the processing of individual registry cases. It encompasses registration and processing of asylum cases, management of return journeys, or facilitating smoother social integration.

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