Education and research are essential for us to maintain — and further — the welfare and prosperity of society, and open, modern education systems play a vital role in empowering learning. At Netcompany, we have in-depth experience in delivering solutions that promote life-long learning, and support education and research. 

Digital solutions that promote modern knowledge societies

Education and research help progress welfare and prosperity within our communities. And life-long learning must be accessible for all members of society.

The problem is, there’s mounting pressure on the education sector — tasked with providing increasingly better education, for less and less money. There is a constant demand from parents and students for better and more modern services from individual institutions too.

Improved digital tools are an obvious solution to some of these challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has exemplified the value as well as the challenges associated with digital communication and remote teaching. 

Netcompany has been a supplier of cross-sectoral digital educational systems for many years. We have extensive experience with a host of solutions — including nationwide educational platforms for communication between teachers, students and parents, to solutions for more administrative tasks. 

We deliver solutions for educational, self-service, administrative and collaborational purposes, as well as technical login and integration software. We also supply grant management solutions to the research sector.


Full-service digital partner

We take responsibility for the overall delivery of your solution. By working in close collaboration, we ensure you receive a flexible, future-proof solution that is fully anchored in the organisation – meeting your business   needs today and in the future. We can provide all IT services and are experienced in designing, developing, testing, transitioning, and running critical solutions.

We differentiate ourselves in the market by using open, component-based technology and by supporting our customers in achieving digital maturity — that way, you are able to independently run new digital initiatives yourselves.

We focus on what’s important, whilst also delivering solutions with lower running costs.

Our solutions in the education sector

In Netcompany’s Govtech Framework you can explore the many solutions and components that we deliver within education and research.

We build these based on open and flexible technology, so you have full ownership of the final solution.

Using our Govtech Framework, projects get off the ground more quickly and enjoy speedier time-to-market.

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