Data creates transparency and helps schools perform


Data creates transparency and helps schools perform

A first-of-its-kind, the advanced data warehouse solution enables a new level of transparency in the Danish educational system by providing schools and the general public with reliable behaviour and performance data from schools in all 98 municipalities.

Over a number of years, Netcompany has worked closely with STIL to develop an advanced data warehouse solution to gather and collate data that can compare behaviour and performance in public schools across all municipalities in Denmark. A solution with three major qualities:


  1. Collecting data to benchmark and analyse behaviour and performance across 98 municipalities
  2. Offering citizen-access to data e.g. to track educational performances across select municipalities
  3. A first-of-its-kind in Denmark, this solution introduces overview and transparency in public data at a scale never seen before – providing schools and the population at large with a new tool for identifying the initiatives and competences needed to help shape the best educational system possible.

Netcompany helps the Danish agency for it and learning (STIL) to promote digital development across the education sector via innovative use of data.


  • Transparent behaviour and performance data from all public schools in the 98 municipalities made readily available
  • The solution enables schools to benchmark performance and improve through peer learning, while providing parents and the general public with valuable insights
  • Data is instantly available and easy to work with for all types of users
  • First public BI dashboard solution in Denmark with a potential user base of 5.5 million people

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