We enable Customs departments to leverage flexible, field-proven and UCC-compliant solutions to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

Strong capabilities within the Customs domain

Netcompany, together with Netcompany-Intrasoft, has a solid position within the field of customs. With a suite of industry leading products, we have a strong presence across several European markets and in the EU institutions market.

Building on +20 years of experience, our Netcompany ERMIS Customs product offers customs departments a well integrated collection of scalable digital solutions and configurable components with full user rights – enabling customs departments to leverage flexible and field-proven solutions to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

Solid track record of successful deliveries

We have a proven track record of delivering in the most complex of domains, including Customs key flows, Risk Management & Compliance, Tariff and regional integration around the globe. We have solid experience in delivering UCC compliant solutions in multiple European countries.

ERMIS: Business-oriented customs solution

Our 20-year accumulated experience in the EU Institutions (TAXUD), the WCO policy frames and the National implementations materialized into an open architecture, highly configurable product.

ERMIS supports full UCC-compliance with Import, Export, eManifest and Transit business add-ons, as well as orchestration and execution of all supported Customs core flows in a unified environment.

The platform consists of interoperable modular components that use standardized interfaces, making it easier for Customs Administrations to manage complex environments.

Flexible, future-proof and field-proven. These are just a few of the reasons why ERMIS is a market leading platform for customs authorities.

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Our products within customs

Our products enable Customs departments to leverage flexible and well-proven solutions to accelerate their digital transformation journey - all supporting the UCC.


Our 20-year accumulated experience in the EU Institutions (TAXUD), the WCO policy frames and the National implementations materialized into an open architecture, highly configurable product.


ERMIS features:

  • Full UCC compliance with ERMIS Import, Export, eManifest and Transit business add-ons
  • Orchestration and execution of all supported Customs core flows in a unified environment
  • Interoperable modular components that use standardized interfaces
  • Extensible architecture that can address both current and future requirements of customs administrations
  • Data rich reports, dashboards and BI/AI capabilities

Risk Mgmt. & Compliance

Capitalizing on a 30-year journey in the solution space of Revenue Risk Mgmt. & Compliance, our new generation Compliance suite provides Customs-focused Behavioral & Transactional Risk Analysis capabilities tightly coupled with support for post-clearance Audit.

Netcompany Risk Mgmt. & Compliance can be utilized both as a standalone product with established interfaces and preconfigured standard Customs templates, as well as, fully integrated with Netcompany ERMIS providing end-to-end Compliance supported Customs flows.

Single Window Platform

Based on National Single window projects around the globe and following most recent international organizations’ directives and agreements, our revamped Single Window Product fulfills the needs of National Single Window, Customs & Port Authorities as well as every other trade-related organisation.


Single Window Platform features:

  • End to end trade flows across customs, borders and other national authorities
  • UCC and WCO compliance
  • Open and extendable architecture for current and future vision of SW


Customs & Compliance references


Ongoing UCC-driven Customs projects


Years of experience within Customs

Our well-proven methodology is key when digitising governments

Flexible platform approach

Our future-proof solutions are based on an open platform approach — rather than building custom solutions from scratch or offering inflexible, packaged solutions, we guide you through your options and share our wealth of experience along the way. We combine components and software with the goal of finding the right balance between needs, agility and operating costs.


Drawing from our track record of hundreds of successful digitisation projects — we offer a comprehensive portfolio of tried and tested, fully operational solutions and components. These can be freely configured and combined to form new solutions at an accelerated pace — now and in the future, when your business needs change.

You will also receive full ownership of the solution/source code, so you are never locked-in to any one vendor.

Building digital maturity

We work closely with our clients. We see it as our role to share our expertise and knowledge of our unique delivery approach, helping develop a strong digital DNA and maturity within your organisation.

Collaborating on-site, we create the best possible conditions for developing, learning and executing solutions together.

By educating your organisation along the way, we empower you to take ownership of your most vital IT solutions — the goal is that, over time, you will be able to run new digital initiatives independently, by yourselves.

Access to unique talent

At Netcompany, IT people lead IT people. This means we all speak the same language — managers and developers alike. There’s no knowledge gaps and great intrateam communication, so you can trust us to deliver as promised, within time and budget.

We work in interdisciplinary and cross-organisational teams, created to have just the right blend of experienced managers and fresh talent. No one invests in talent and training like we do.


We provide a scalable project cell structure, too. When scaling a project, we add teams or resources with the same background and training so that they can hit the ground running. This means we are always able to maintain full momentum on projects.

Controlled agile delivery

We offer a proven project method, known as “Agile with Control”. It combines the main virtues of the traditional waterfall methodology (control and predictability) with the agile methodology (lean, continuous improvements and adaptation).

The result is a method that ensures traditional waterfall controls are maintained, in a flexible and agile development approach. “Agile with Control” allows us to instill quality and efficiency into the delivery, development and release processes; enabling projects to be fulfilled within expected budget and time frames.

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