With superior and forward-thinking product development, we provide unions and unemployment insurance funds with unique benefits through a stable system core with modular add-ons.

Modulus Core, developed by Netcompany, is stable, highly automated, shared between customers, and complies with current legislation.

Placed around Modulus are customer-specific solutions which use standard components and platforms to provide customers with flexibility and the ability to differentiate themselves from their competitors, all the while allowing them to reduce their time to market.

For years, Netcompany has delivered IT systems and consulting services to unions and unemployment insurance funds in Denmark. Union and fund administration is supported and maintained in accordance with current legislation in the Modulus system. This system is today used by 14 of the 25 unemployment insurance funds in Denmark.  

Modulus Core

Central to the Modulus complex is Modulus Core, a stable computing core that adheres to current legislation while performing the critical calculations required to ensure timely payments to your members.

The Modulus Core, a central workflow component, uses public registers and runs ongoing validations of submitted information to ensure a high degree of automation as well as providing an overview of ongoing processes. 

Efficient case processing

Case processing is performed in a customer’s own case management system in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This system provides an overview of your current cases as well as efficient case management using the workflows that have been defined in Modulus Core. CRM is also used by case managers to gain an overview of ongoing cases, members and call centre performance.   

When contacting members, unions and insurance funds are supported in their choice of additional service offers as well as recruitment and retention functionalities. 

Case and document management

Document management is carried out in Netcompany’s leading document management system, GetOrganized, which is an add-on to Microsoft SharePoint.

GetOrganized ensures efficient communication based on your Microsoft Office suite, closely integrating with Microsoft Outlook to provide automated communication record keeping.



With Netcompany’s leading booking solution you can ensure that your members are invited to the required meetings.

Here, joint meetings, personal meetings and lectures are gathered in one place and invites are targeted towards the member’s needs. Double-booking is avoided by closely integrating this with Outlook.



Your communication with your members is supported through self-service solutions that are partly based on Modulus DMS (Digital Membership Service) and partly combined with targeted self-service systems.

These systems uphold processes in which the need for particularly supportive communication is key, such as during registration.


Communication module

In an increasingly mobile world, your communication with your members is supported through the Modulus communication module which has been developed mobile-first.

The module includes a digital mailbox where all communication is encrypted and handled according to GDPR regulations.

Modulus Community

At Netcompany, all Modulus customers are a part of a community where everyone can take part in defining and shaping future solutions.

Customers can share their experiences and make suggestions for changes and improvements. When several customers support a new idea for such, the development costs are shared between you and Netcompany.


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