An easier journey towards the next job


An easier journey towards the next job

Digitising the unemployment insurance fund has resulted in a sophisticated cross-industry solution which stands out in a constantly regulated sector.

Akademikernes unemployment fund and Netcompany have cooperated for many years and created a cross industry solution which has become a strong reference point for unemployment insurance funds.

Most recently, in 2016, Akademikernes launched a modern members’ platform which supports the entire membership journey and is designed for ‘mobile-first’ access which ensures a uniform and personalised experience across devices.

Akademikerne is Denmark’s fastest growing and second largest unemployment insurance fund, currently with about 230,000 members. With continuous membership growth in an industry with ongoing legislative changes, the organisation places complex demands on its IT support.

»At Akademikernes A-kasse the focus is on the individual member. It is important to us that the member feels acknowledged and met by relevant information in our digital solutions. This is made possible through our new intelligent website that adjusts to each member’s situation and needs, both through our large database in CRM and the member’s online behavior.«

Thomas Brunsgaard Andersen, project lead and chief consultant in Akademikernes A-kasse


  • Central digitized support for 100.000’s of members daily
  • Reducing unemployment and increases the fund’s earnings per member; efficient job matching enhances members’ satisfaction
  • Better and more efficient handling of unemployment benefit payments and management of several million documents
  • Modernised IT solutions made ready for the future and ever-changing requirements
  • A new core system and a modern CRM platform handling member benefits, information flows and benefit payments

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