Manufacturing & Production

Increased globalisation and digitisation are bringing about significant changes within most manufacturing and production companies. Many see digitisation and automation as providing a springboard for innovation and improved efficiency.

However, succeeding in this requires a new way of thinking and for the company’s core engine — the ERP system — to be surrounded by a new and more agile framework. In this context, the use of modern technology and automation is crucial.

Netcompany can provide you with concrete solutions that will help you achieve differentiation through innovation and automation.

You are likely experiencing increased pressure to build B2B customer experiences with options for self-service, e-commerce and close integration. Our solutions can help you meet your customers’ and partners’ needs. 

Netcompany can assist you in building or expanding your layers of digitisation through mobile apps, agile process management, omnichannel e-commerce, contract management, customer service systems, document management, Internet of Things (IoT) and decision support systems, and more. These solutions are built as a layer around your existing ERP system, which allows for an agile approach and ensures that the system can be kept close to standard.   

We challenge our customers to consider how the latest technology could benefit their business. An example would be the Internet of Things and cloud-based technology, which allows for the creation of new digital service concepts and partnership models.


Netcompany differs from other ERP providers by considering ERP within a wider IT context. We are acutely aware of the fact that we must avoid ERP solutions becoming large monoliths that slow future IT initiatives down — instead becoming an effective solution that concentrates on the areas that ERP does well.  

We deliver our ERP solutions via Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Finance & Operations, Business Central, AX and NAV) and are able to deliver billing through modern platforms — including Netcompany Billing, our highly agile, cloud-based billing solution. This solution is modular, flexible, integrable, has low running costs, and ensures that you are not tied to a set supplier.

Omnichannel e-commerce

On the one hand, globalisation allows powerful multinationals to enter local markets, but on the other, it also allows your company to reach customers across the world. In addition, increased competition forces you to improve your customer service in order to provide exceptional e-commerce experiences that set you apart from your competitors. Whether B2B, B2C, B2A or D2C, Netcompany can help you gain a better understanding of your customers and deliver strong, personalised experiences — globally.    

Our extensive experience with business-critical e-commerce platforms means we are able to challenge your business’ current solutions. We can also provide you access to a wide range of value-adding features that can increase your online revenue.

Customer service systems

Great customer service starts with cultivating a company culture where employees are passionate and motivated to provide customers with the right service and experience.   

Once this is in place, it is then vital to provide your employees with the appropriate tools and data to be able to solve the incoming tasks quickly and efficiently. With the right platform, you will be able to markedly improve the quality and efficiency of your customer service — keeping customers loyal. 


Netcompany specialises in delivering customer service systems that make it possible to provide excellent customer service via a 360-degree overview. We typically deliver this on the two market-leading standard platforms: Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/CRM and Salesforce. 

Contract management - CLM

Many companies need to be able to create, manage and ensure strong governance around contracts in sales, service and purchasing. 

Investing in a strong and well-integrated CLM platform can quickly pay off for several reasons. For one, your company will be able to ensure that payments are collected in a timely manner and that your contracts are used strategically and proactively. At the same time, you will also be sure to honour your contractual obligations. 

We specialise in Contract Lifecycle Management systems and deliver advanced and modern standard solutions in areas such as energy, transport, health, insurance, unions and wind power. We have certified specialists in all relevant areas and we deliver the solutions on market-leading platforms such as Apttus/Conga and Coupa. 

Customer relationship management - CRM

The ability to gain a 360-degree customer overview is a crucial step in delivering great individual customer experiences across your physical and digital channels. We focus heavily on business-critical CRM solutions as we know that these provide our customers with significant value. You can lift your organisation’s agility and digital maturity to the next level using a central platform that ensures a single source of truth and streamlined processes across departments.      


We deliver these solutions on the two market-leading standard platforms: Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/CRM and Salesforce.


Your company’s IT systems contain a wealth of data. Using this data correctly can provide insight and grounds for qualified decisions and innovative opportunities that can help set you apart from your competitors. 

Netcompany delivers legacy-free data platforms that automate processes and exploit artificial intelligence to make your company more data-driven — putting you one step ahead of your customers’ changing behaviour.

Internet of Things - IoT

In the same way that IT systems generate data, data can also be collected by sensors and other small data-collecting units. Doing this requires considerable IT dexterity and technological knowledge. The process can often feel overwhelming, but with Netcompany’s experience on other large IoT projects, we are able to advise on the right process and also help provide the necessary skills for implementation.

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