Heating up global growth


Heating up global growth

Pipeline management is critical as well as complex in an organisation with sales staff in more than 100 countries. A better CRM system is one of the initiatives that has helped Alfa Laval optimise the sales pipeline and increase customer loyalty around the globe.

Alfa Laval is a global leader within the key technology areas of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. With 20,000 employees and € 3bn plus revenue, Alfa Laval has sales staff in more than 100 countries across the globe.

The effective management of the Lead to Order process inside and across Alfa Laval Sales Clusters is absolutely critical, hence Alfa Laval formed the Right Sales IT Program to meet increasing demands from both Customers and Channel Partners (as well as internal Sales Representatives) for execution of more effective sales processes, which demanded for utilization of more state-of-the-art sales tools and applications.

Through a range of IT services Netcompany has helped Alfa Laval across both Sales – and Service Management with working faster, smarter and more informed in the making of Sales – and Customer Service decisions.

By building upon the principles and strategy of the Right Sales Program, Netcompany has delivered the new Global CRM Solution “OneCRM” as well as the related BI solution – SPM. One CRM as well as SPM was released for Pilot Production in the Iberica Sales Cluster, counting more than 200 users across Spain and Portugal, in March 2018. In May 2017, the Global “GMS FS Solution”, being part of the Service Execution Program, including Field Service (FS), was released in a Pilot. Today the GMS FS solution is used Globally across Alfa Laval GMS Service hubs in Europe, Asia and the US.

With OneCRM Successfully live in Iberica, Alfa Laval (with support from Netcompany) is now moving forward with Right Sales Execution – deploying additional three Sales Clusters – Northen Europe, Southern Europe and North America before end of 2018.

The new OneCRM solution is based on Microsoft Dynm 365 and manages Leads, Opportunities and Sales Projects with monitoring pipeline stages and progress, identifying customer value potential and future income prospects on very detailed level. The solution also supports advanced SPQ integration to the different Alfa Laval Quotation tools and is takes case of the full end-to-end Proposal and PO Approval process.

Overall Netcompany is supporting Alfa Laval with implementation of advanced Sales and CRM Automation Strategy, increasing both customer – and channel partner loyalty, and building a stronger sales pipeline with full overview of forecasting vs. actual – and In-progress Sales.

Netcompany has helped Alfa Laval implement customer relationship management and sales performance monitoring as global initiatives, enabling Alfa Laval to meet profitability goals.


  • Streamlining the sales process to support strategic goals and profitability growth
  • Transparent high quality pipeline for future income (backlog and clear prioritization of customer leads, opportunities and Quote follow-up activities)
  • Management KPI tool to drive sales and sales staff behaviour and optimise skills based on best practices sales processes
  • Cross country alignment of strategic customers and related sales targets

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