Platform advantages

Our platforms are easily customisable, rapidly deployable, and AI-ready.

Flexible platforms empower business agility

Due to our platforms’ flexible and multi-purpose architecture, Netcompany can prototype a solution easier and faster by reusing components. This provides a unique competitive advantage, enabling businesses to quickly adapt to changes in their market and stay ahead of competitors.

Build a foundation for AI

Artificial Intelligence thrives in environments where data is abundant, organized, curated, and documented. Our platforms collect rich data across your eco-system and store it in one location, allowing for rapid deployment of business-specific AI models in both system creation and appliance.

Scalable platforms cut
specialist costs

Built on a standard architecture and utilizing best-of-breed frameworks, our platforms eliminate the need for expensive platform specialists and allow businesses to quickly scale their development teams, reducing costs and enabling rapid growth.

Empower your community, control your costs

Our platforms provide full ownership and support to build a strong internal development and delivery community, while tapping into our network of platform customers to establish an external community, enabling businesses to forecast their operational and capital expenditures with confidence.

Battle-tested core streamlines product development

Our platforms leverage commodity functionality built on a battle-tested core, and follows the delivery model of using common tools and methodologies for developing and documenting new solutions, thus streamlining the development process for new products and accelerating time-to-market, reducing costs, and eliminating expensive license fees.

Our platforms confidently handle complex business scenarios

Our platforms are designed to handle complex business scenarios, from nationwide GDPR-compliant messaging to highly regulated process management and real-time adaptable planning, providing businesses with a strong foundation to confidently handle their domain and focus on driving success.

Our platforms

Our platforms consist of a set of configurable standard systems which can either be implemented individually or combined to meet organisational-specific needs.