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The mainframe for the 21st century

AMPLIO is our platform for regulated case management and process automation in highly compliant environments. It’s a powerful tool for digitising and controlling complex processes, providing a single source of truth for all business executions.​

The why

Many things persist simply because they have existed for a long time – the mainframe being one of them.

The Harvard Mark “big iron” was the first mainframe. It was conceived in 1930, weighed 5 tons, and filled an entire room. The bulky machine went out of use in 1959. A second run of mainframes were produced in the 60s, 70’s, and 80’s.

Today, most of the world’s banks, airlines, insurers still use these machines, alongside similar ERP systems.

Every business who uses them know they used to do their job well, but that in today’s fast-moving tech environment, they are mostly difficult to update, insecure, and costly to maintain.

We built AMPLIO to provide an alternative.

AMPLIO can be implemented quickly and is a more modern, secure, and less costly way of controlling the complex suite of processes in your organization.

In short, it’s the mainframe for the 21st century and beyond.

What is in the box?

AMPLIO is comprised of a range of components generic and applicable to all case management domains. The components, patterns, and processes have been identified, generalised, and hardened based on more than 1M hours of hands-on experience with complex case management domains. As a result, AMPLIO can prioritise business needs as the fundamental services and requirements have already been fulfilled.

AMPLIO suggests a generalised approach for all case management- and administrative systems. It holds all the necessary Lego blocks and an overall blueprint of how to structure the system.

The entire system has been built for:


  • High flexibility – only the truly generic elements are placed in AMPLIO
  • Scaling – components can be scaled up. Nothing is too big.
  • Full automation including ready-for-AI decision support. The core design enables a per-task audit log and decision lineage and, if allowed, a per-rule engine
Integrations Platform


AMPLIO is built for integrations and uses 100+ different integrations across installations.

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