Netcompany Academy

Netcompany Academy

Netcompany employees are enrolled on a career path from their very first day in the team. Designed in tandem with Netcompany Academy, your career path lays out a structured development plan taking you from a recent graduate in your role as a Consultant, then a Senior staff member, all the way through to Manager, Principal and — eventually — Partner.

It’s up to you and your dedicated mentor to decide which career path suits your interests and ambitions best. We’ll help you understand what each pathway entails and where it’ll take you in your career so you always know what’s expected of you today, tomorrow and in the future.

We become stronger as a unit by developing as individuals.

To support your continuous development, you will be enrolled in our Netcompany Academy — a tailored training programme consisting of seminars, certifications and pop-up courses designed to supplement the skills and knowledge gained from your daily tasks.

All training courses are exclusively for Netcompany employees, and the content is developed and conducted by our own professionals. This ensures that the content, cases and discussions are of optimal quality and total relevance. The timing and content of the mandatory seminars are aligned with your chosen career path and role, your ambitions and how you progress.

Netcompany Academy also allows you to build a strong social network with your colleagues across projects and countries — relationships that has the potential to both enhance your professional progress, and to last throughout your entire career.

The Client Engagement Seminar (CES) is the first seminar you will meet.

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