»Ever since I was a child, I have dreamed of working with IT«

Ever since he was young, Ali Zedan has had a passion for programming and problem-solving. His fascination with the possibilities and creativity behind developing new IT solutions has been a significant interest throughout his upbringing and a significant motivation for his career. Today, he has realised his childhood dream, working as an IT consultant at Netcompany on a project for Norgesgruppen, assisting them in their digitalisation journey.

At a young age, Ali started exploring programming, which laid the foundation for his interest in IT. An interest that he continued to pursue when he arrived in Norway as a refugee from Syria in 2015. He remained determined despite the initial challenges of adapting to a new culture and language. “Since I was little, I have dreamed of working with technology and data. The experiences and skills I gained during my studies in Norway gave me the foundation I needed to pursue a career in IT.”

At university, Ali excelled as a top student with good results while also working as a teaching assistant and student mentor. “As a teaching assistant, I had the opportunity to teach students in programming, which allowed me to develop my own competencies within the field but also gave me a unique chance to share my knowledge with my peers.”

From student to work life

After completing his studies, Ali wanted to put his skills into practice, and it didn’t take long before he had several exciting job opportunities to choose between.

During his studies, Ali had heard many positive things about Netcompany. Therefore, he did not hesitate for a second when presented with the opportunity to work at Netcompany in 2022. “After getting to know some employees at Netcompany and seeing how well they thrived, I decided that this was a company I wanted to work for. It seemed like a place with a great work environment where I would also be able to develop both professionally and personally.”

Sharing knowledge

At Netcompany, Ali is constantly challenged to learn and grow, and he appreciates being a part of a culture where you are encouraged to share your knowledge. This keeps him motivated in terms of his continued personal development. “With the guidance and support from my Netcompany mentor, I am working towards becoming an IT architect while continuing to share my expertise with clients and colleagues at Netcompany.”