Vodafone: One Platform, a strategic Initiative for an improved customer experience


Vodafone: One Platform, a strategic Initiative for an improved customer experience

Netcompany, a strategic Consultant/Integrator for Vodafone, has set the foundations for One Platform for Web for Vodafone Group with the creation of an App Builder platform that unifies the customer experience and makes life easier for employees and third-party providers.


Until recently, Vodafone Greece had several, non-harmonized, customer and back-office systems. Depending on whether customers engaged with Vodafone physically, by stepping into a store or kiosk, digitally, via the mobile app or the website, or through a third-party selling Vodafone’s product, they’d embark on a different customer journey.

Company employees and third-party sellers had to navigate this confusing landscape of access points as well when guiding customers toward a purchase or offering them customer service.

»The Greek division of the telecommunication giant needed a unified ecosystem of digital tools to boost their online sales, enhance its clients’ in-store experience, increase employee’s productivity, make the user experience smoother, and the company in general future-proof«

Alexandros Manos, CEO Netcompany-Intrasoft


Netcompany delivered various tools such as an online guided-selling platform, self-service kiosks, and back-office CRM modules for the retail channel for Vodafone Greece, all based on an ecosystem of digital tools: One Platform for Web.

One Platform is a large initiative of Vodafone Group to introduce all-in-one platforms and tools unifying its BSS ecosystem that will support the operations in the group with online and retail channels. The platforms provide to all Vodafone Local Markets globally tools such as tablet apps for Agents, Web and Mobile apps for consumers, and self-service kiosks that enhance clients’ in-store experience, personnel productivity and reduce operating expenses.

Now, no matter if a customer tries to access Vodafone through a physical kiosk or via a website, Vodafone One Platform for Web is the solution that presents itself. The universal access point smoothes the customer experience and gives Vodafone a much better overview of the customer journey and behavior.

»Now, it’s much easier for employees to help customers because they have easy access to the entire customer journey,« Alexandros Manos says.


In addition to clear customer benefits, the solutions delivered based on Vodafone One Platform for Web are more cost-effective while employees are more efficient, and time to market has decreased as new products can better be tested and explored.

»When we started working on this, we approached it by understanding which services are essential for the customers and how we can provide that digitally,« Alexandros Manos says.

»Luckily, they’re not the only ones who get to reap the rewards. Employees and third-party providers benefit as well.«

Three stats - the new platform has:

  • Streamlined the customer experience by unifying it no matter the channel (web, desktop, mobile app or physical kiosks)
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Shortened time to market for all markets

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