Topdanmark modernises their business with help from Netcompany


Topdanmark modernises their business with help from Netcompany

In a world that is increasingly becoming digitised, it is essential for companies to keep up with the current trends. This is also true for one of Denmark’s largest insurance companies, Topdanmark. Since 2018, Netcompany has been instrumental in implementing two digital platforms aimed at boosting efficiency, consolidating seven core systems onto a single modern standard platform, and automating 80% of the main processes.


Amid the accelerating technological development and evolving customer expectations, the insurance industry is undergoing a comprehensive digital transformation.

Historically characterised by complex processes and time-consuming claims handling, the industry is now being radically altered by digitisation. The traditional ways of conducting business are being challenged by new technological tools and innovative business models that enhance efficiency and improve the customer experience.

Topdanmark is one of the largest insurance providers in Denmark, dominating market shares in several sectors and enjoying a positive reputation among its customers—two critical factors that come with responsibilities.

»Without a doubt, it’s in Topdanmark’s nature to assume the role of a responsible and significant societal contributor. To maintain that role in an increasingly digital world, the company needed to undergo a transformation«, says Thomas Demant, Partner at Netcompany.

For Topdanmark, one of the key goals has been to reduce IT complexity for both customers and employees. One of the challenges they have faced is their outdated sales management system, which was utilised inconsistently and in various ways across the company, resulting in fragmented reporting and oversight.

»We're helping Topdanmark modernise their entire business«

Thomas Demant, Partner

Three stats

  • A solid foundation for future growth through a unified core system
  • Improved customer experiences, stable operations, and faster 'time to market'
  • Strong starting point for close partnerships and integrations


To address this, Topdanmark launched the “NytLand” programme in 2018. This initiative aims, among other things, to make the company more data-driven, offer more flexible products, and increase opportunities for customer self-service.

This transformation is evident in the adoption of two major standard platforms, Salesforce and Guidewire, which are targeted at customer engagement and core insurance activities, respectively.

»We’re helping Topdanmark modernise their entire business. This includes a massive improvement in their sales processes and monitoring systems, particularly using the Salesforce platform. Additionally, we’re replacing several of their older systems with a single, standardised modern insurance platform in close collaboration with Guidewire«, explains Thomas Demant.

The goal is to support Topdanmark’s strategy, achieve sustained growth, and maintain the company’s competitiveness.


The NytLand project and the two new platforms have already yielded positive results.

For instance, all of Topdanmark’s customer data is now centralised. This allows for much better and far more personalised customer experiences when sales and service employees interact with clients. Moreover, it has become easier and quicker to offer customers new insurance products, pushing Topdanmark close to achieving a customer satisfaction rate of 70%.

Employees are also benefiting from the new platforms. Topdanmark has achieved a high employee satisfaction rate of 80% while also increasing efficiency.

Finally, the consolidation of multiple systems into one unified platform, covering aspects such as insurance policies, coverage, terms, and conditions, has reduced operating costs due to fewer systems needing maintenance.

According to Thomas Demant, there’s more to look forward to:

»In the coming years, we will continue to focus on ensuring that Topdanmark’s technological infrastructure remains customer-centric and aligns with Topdanmark’s ‘digital-first’ strategy. Thanks to our strong collaboration with Topdanmark and the extensive expertise that the NytLand programme represents, we’re delivering a modern platform that will support growth for many years to come«, says Thomas Demant.

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