Future-ready pension fund


Future-ready pension fund

A new pension solution, delivered in less than 1 year, enables LD Fonde to move with the ever-shifting digitisation needs and legislation changes, while providing world-class member service and significantly reducing operational costs.

LD Fonde chose Netcompany to deliver, operate and maintain a state-of-the-art pension solution, self-service portal, modern business intelligence platform and member service organisation.

LD Fonde is a Danish pension fund managing government deposited pension to approximately 10% of the Danish population.

Like most other funds of its kind that have managed pensions for decades, LD Fonde had reached a point where the company was challenged by an outdated and cost-intensive IT landscape that made it difficult to adjust to changing needs in the business and the evolving complexity of the Danish tax system.

By applying the knowledge from our other domain-related successful deliveries from across both public and private sector organisations, LD Fonde and Netcompany have collaborated on a modern and robust pension solution that allows the organisation to more rapidly adapt to changing market needs and new legislations while improving customer service and decimating maintenance cost.

»Our investment in this new collaboration gives us a solution that is modernised and robust in relation to new requirements in digitisation.«

Else Nyvang, Customer Director at LD Fonde

The solution features various automatic case-handling capabilities, reducing the need for case worker interaction, which ultimately increases efficiency while reducing the operational costs of the organisation.

Moreover, the pension solution integrates seamlessly into a user-friendly self-service portal wherein customers can inspect their pension investments over time, redistribute their assets to various investment pools, withdraw their pension and much more.

Finally, valuable investment insights are revealed through a business intelligence platform, where intuitive dashboards grant LD Fonde new knowledge of how their customers’ pensions are managed and how the customers behave in order to continuously improve the fund’s services.


  • Based on a standard platform, Netcompany delivers full pension capabilities with automatic case-handling processes to reduce case-handling time while shortening time-to-market on new functionalities
  • A customer-centric self-service portal gives LD Fonde’s members unique insights into the development of their pension and the possibility to easily adjust their investments
  • 360-degree business intelligence platform gives LD Fonde a data-driven foundation for investment strategies and providing world-class member service

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