Putting patients first

Putting patients first

Caring for patients is a first priority for any healthcare system. But complicated administration tasks can be burdensome, giving healthcare professionals less time to focus on that first priority. We are helping the NHS respond to that challenge.

Health and social care professionals rely on a complex network of systems and data services to provide round-the-clock care for citizens. Many of these are legacy systems and can be time-consuming and inefficient to manage – which impacts healthcare staff’s ability to provide high-quality patient care.

The NHS faces huge challenges and digitisation plays an important part in process efficiency and better patient care. Netcompany teams have worked with us since January 2022, including supporting our work to set up a valuable IT Operations Centre among many other developments.

Sam Robinson - Associate Director Live Services, NHS Digital

NHS Digital, who recently became part of the new NHS England, designs, develops and operates NHS’s IT and data services, and we support their work to continually develop and improve their critical systems. Part of our work together this year has included building systems that monitor, manage and respond to issues before they impact clinicians or patients.

We are proud to be supporting the NHS in building stable and innovative solutions to support clinicians and, ultimately, free up time they can spend with their patients.