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Citizen-centric solutions for the modern social services department.
How do you, as a department within social services, ensure that your efforts are optimised in a way that provides the individual citizen with as targeted and efficient services as possible?


The sector for social services requires modern and digitalised systems to properly support statutory administration and documentation obligations in full compliance with federal / local rules and political decisions. The complexity and ever-changing nature if this domain necessitates highly flexible and secure digital solutions.

Working with Netcompany, you gain access to the market’s strongest project methods, unique insights and proven digital solutions that help authorities and practitioners provide world-class social services with the individual citizen at the heart of it all.

Netcompany has played a major role in the digitalisation and modernisation of several of the most complex, society-critical social service solutions in Europe.

Social benefits

The social services system plays a crucial role in modern society by providing a safety net and financial security for individuals and families. Its main functions include income security for people in retirement, benefits to disabled individuals and the unemployed, financial assistance to those in need, healthcare support and, at its core, it supports and promotes social cohesion.

We have supplied the majority of the solutions that pay out approximately 10% of Denmark’s GDP annually in social benefits, such as housing, family and unemployment benefits, and state pensions – a modernisation that has saved the public sector billions in expenditure while providing Danish citizens with significantly improved systems in which they can apply for and receive payment from social services.

In Greece, we are a strategic partner to the modernization efforts of e-EFKA, the country’s largest social security organization and one of the largest in Europe, where we have supplied core business social security applications for more than two decades.

Supporting vulnerable adults and children

Across Europe, public sector staff face considerable challenges in their efforts to locate and help vulnerable adults and children. Millions of children are dependent on daily support from social care employees who require effective tools that enable them to provide real care and help, as opposed to being bogged down in monotonous, time consuming registration.

With our AMPLIO platform, we provide an innovative and compliant case management system that prioritises the citizen’s needs to a much greater degree. 

The platform ensures that your authority presents itself as a coherent and professional unit, offering a comprehensive action plan for vulnerable and disadvantaged citizens, including a central citizen overview along with information about current medications and benefits.

Platforms & Products

We deliver future-proof, compliant, and secure digital core- and support systems for front-office tasks and social services. Using our tried and tested solutions, you get your projects off the ground more quickly and enjoy speedier time-to-market.

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AMPLIO is our platform for regulated case management and process automation in highly compliant environments. It’s a powerful tool for digitising and controlling complex processes, providing a single source of truth for all business executions.​

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PERSEUS is our purpose-built commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product for employers, insured persons, social security revenues, pensions, and benefits management operations. It facilitates process automation in complex social security environments.

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