Labour market

Public employment services work cross-sectorally to create a healthy, dynamic and safe labour market that employs as many people as possible.

Netcompany has, for several years, been a key supplier to municipalities and unemployment insurance funds.

In Denmark alone, our solutions support over 60% of unemployed citizens and we have delivered powerful supervision - and inspection solutions that help prevent accidents and make workplaces safer for all.

Getting people back into work is a key priority for any society.

Citizens must be supported during periods of unemployment and those who are nearing retirement must be assisted in exiting the job market. These elements play a vital role in modern welfare societies and employment services must always possess reliable and accurate data to support them in their decision-making. 

Supporting the unemployed

For over 10 years, Netcompany has supplied the Modulus platform to unemployment insurance funds, a system that supports those who are out of work. 

Central to the Modulus complex is Modulus Core, a stable computing core that adheres to current legislation while performing the critical calculations required to ensure timely payments to citizens.

The Modulus Core, a central workflow component, ensures a high degree of automation and an overview of ongoing processes through the use of public registers and running validations of submitted information.

Case handling is performed in the customer’s own case management system in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

This ensures a strong overview of current cases as well as efficient case management using the workflows that have been defined in Modulus Core. 

A healthy working environment

It is the responsibility of the authorities to provide working environments that are safe, healthy and conducive to learning, while also preventing burn-out and absence through sickness.  

Netcompany has been a key supplier of a number of modern supervision – and inspection solutions that support public sector staff with their task of creating safe workplaces.

This is achieved using data and insights to streamline and optimise efforts and supervisory functions.  

Helping workers who suffer injuries at work

For AES – The Danish Labour Market Insurance, Netcompany has delivered a new injury claim management platform, replacing a 30-year old cost intensive legacy system to handle the +50,000 claims that are submitted to the organisation on a yearly basis.

The new future-proof solution is compliant with current legislation and supports end-to-end case work, featuring a modern user interface and a greatly improved overview of cases and progress tracking. The solution streamlines internal workflows and all communication with citizens, doctors and insurance companies are now effortless and secure.

Our solutions within the labour market sector

Netcompany’s Govtech Framework provides several examples of solutions and components that we can deliver and adapt to the critical functions of a labour market authority.

We build these based on open and flexible technology — giving you full ownership of the final solution.

Using the tried and tested solutions within the Govtech Framework, you can get your projects off the ground more quickly and enjoy a speedier time-to-market.

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