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Many vital functions in society are deeply dependent upon easy access to reliable information regarding plots, buildings, housing and addresses. Construction projects, the housing market, tax collection, emergency services and mail delivery services are just a few of the growing number of sectors, functions and systems that require accurate, valid data.

The housing and development sector affects all parts of society and, therefore, the development of this sector’s digital solutions requires cross-functional collaboration. We have delivered and currently operate a number of critical solutions for housing and development — solutions which are vital for citizens, businesses, public municipalities and the state. 

We have been key suppliers in the modernisation of the seminal Danish Property Data Program, where Netcompany has been responsible for two out of three solutions: The Building and Housing Registry and The Owner Registry.

Our unique insights into the solutions, data and legislation that define the housing and development area as a whole enable us to deliver coherent, user-friendly and future-proof solutions. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and methodology along the way, helping our customers’ organisations achieve digital maturity. 

In this work, we focus on involving users, customers and key stakeholders as early on in the project as possible.

The purpose of early participation is to ensure that the solutions meet all the relevant needs, whether that’s a citizen who needs to apply for a service, or a case worker who needs to create a local area plan.

Netcompany can help you with all types of solutions within housing and development. We have a broad overview of the area’s solutions and data, as well as an understanding of how they can add value to new solutions. We have delivered official registers as well as administrative case management, self-service and housing benefit solutions.

Our solutions within the housing and development sector

Netcompany’s Govtech Framework provides several examples of solutions and components that we can deliver and adapt to the critical functions of a housing and development authority.

We build these based on open and flexible technology — giving you full ownership of the final solution.

Using the tried and tested solutions within the Govtech Framework, you can get your projects off the ground more quickly and enjoy a speedier time-to-market. 


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