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A key digitisation partner

The treasury function plays a key role in any public sector – governments need to ensure both efficient implementation of their budgets and good management of public funds with probity and prudence to maintain a solid financial foundation.

At the same time, organisations within this area are tasked with a joint public digitisation responsibility – both in terms of providing central support systems as well as pursuing public innovation and new digitisation strategies to the benefit of all citizens.

In Denmark, Netcompany has been a vital partner in the modernisation of public support systems, but also in the creation of digital, joint   public services. These services have greatly contributed to Denmark becoming the leading e-government nation in the world, having been ranked first in the world with regard to public digitisation on several occasions. 

The Danish Ministry of Finance’s efforts to comply with a joint digitisation strategy between state, regions and municipalities has played a major role in this success.

Netcompany has been a key digitisation partner for the Ministry of Finance and has helped establish and operate a number of joint public core systems that have placed Denmark at the forefront of public digitisation.

It has therefore been possible to create groundbreaking joint public services and infrastructure components that are used across the public sector, as well as in public-private partnerships.

The road to success

At Netcompany, we see public financial systems as having three essential elements — each of which must function optimally:

The financial foundation, on which all transactions, accounting, validations and automatic and manual controls are based. Here we always use best-of-breed systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365. By using these strong ERP platforms we ensure the security of all the basic elements of the financial system.

User-centered processes, that cover both the closely linked financial processes performed by the ERP software, as well as the more user-centered and complex business centered processes.

User workflows, which in some cases can be closely linked to the underlying ERP software, and in others only have a knock-on effect on the core platform. We don’t believe in settling for the structural limitations of classic ERP systems.

This is why we offer solutions that can be adapted to your particular needs, and those of your users – solutions that are all based on already-developed, tried and tested govtech components.


Our solutions within the financial affairs sector

Netcompany’s Govtech Framework provides several examples of solutions and components that we can deliver and adapt to the critical functions of a financial authority.

We build these based on open and flexible technology – giving you full ownership of the final solution.

Using the tried and tested solutions within the Govtech Framework, you get your projects off the ground more quickly and enjoy speedier time-to-market.

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