Telco and media

Since its formation in 2000, Netcompany has delivered a large number of business-critical IT solutions in close collaboration with the biggest media and telecommunications companies in the Nordic region.

This has given us an unrivalled knowledge of the industry and we do not shy away from challenging your ability to offer the products and services that your customers demand. We do so by delivering technical platforms that enable you to quickly and continuously adapt to changes in the market.

Being a modern-day media and telecoms leader requires agility and innovation through digitisation. This is why our entire project approach is based on the premise that your solution must offer maximum flexibility.

We combine and adapt standard platforms and reusable components to suit your business needs.

This enables you to differentiate yourselves from your competitors while also significantly reducing your running costs and time to market on new business initiatives. 

We also set ourselves apart by elevating our customers’ digitisation level. This ensures that you can launch new digital initiatives yourselves.

Unlike other IT companies, we do not focus on selling products with an underlying licence business – instead, we position ourselves as a long-term digital partner, educator and enabler. This safeguards the freedom and control that you need over your IT landscape to actualise your business visions.

Digital self-service platforms

Customer service is one of the most powerful ways to use digitisation as a means of  differentiation against your competitors. Traditional customer service is in need of an overhaul, that’s why we have been delivering innovative customer portals and self-service solutions to media and telecom companies for years.

These play a central role in data-driven customer service — creating the optimal customer journey and ensuring that your customers can easily purchase or amend products.

We make sure that your customer portal is built using technology that harnesses behavioural data to monitor your customers’ needs, so that new functionalities can be built and delivered promptly.

Data insights, AI and churn prediction

Your business’ many IT systems are likely a rich source of data. By using this data correctly, you can gain greater insight and evidence to make qualified decisions as well as explore innovative options that can set your business apart from competitors. 

Netcompany delivers legacy-free data platforms that automate data processes and exploit AI to make your company increasingly data-driven and better able to understand customer behaviour. This empowers you to offer targeted products and services through recommendation engines. 

As a supplier of market-leading AI solutions, we can help you predict churn in your subscription services too.

Back office and scheduling systems

Back office platforms are essential for capturing a full 360° customer overview. Customer insight no longer falls to a select few employees — all your frontline staff require an acute understanding of the underlying data in order to make the right decisions and provide the best advice. As customers increasingly use self-service systems, the focus of back office platforms must be reexamined.

Netcompany has delivered back office platforms of this kind for several years and we find that it is crucially important for our consultants to engage directly with your employees, both to teach and learn from them in order to optimise the back office functionality. The back office platforms that we have delivered have also been used for heavier planning tasks such as the rollout of products for larger business customers. 

Billing platforms

Subscription models are becoming more and more popular amongst businesses and are replacing the more traditional customer relationships. Your customers therefore deserve a straightforward and accurate invoice on time, every time.

It should also be possible to automatically view and pay this invoice using simple and modern payment solutions. It should be easy and hassle-free for a customer to create and pay an invoice — any deviation or error in the billing process can quickly lead to dissatisfied customers, putting pressure on your customer service team. 

Netcompany has broken free of costly billing platforms and the complex ERP systems of the past and can now offer you a cost-effective, cloud-based billing solution. Our solution is modular, flexible, has low operating costs, can easily be integrated and does not tie you in to any specific supplier. 

Product innovation

Netcompany can assist you in delivering a dynamic and modern product catalogue that can enable your product managers to work independently on delivering and launching innovative products within a short space of time.

Our platform is already used in a variety of industries — as testament to its flexibility and adaptability. It can also be used in your B2B business to create quick price indications and offers for approval with business clients.

Order management and integration platforms

Every time your customers order a product, a number of processes and data needs are required across internal and external IT systems. Through our experience in delivering solutions for large companies with complex IT landscapes, we have acquired significant knowledge of how to deliver Order Management and Integration platforms that communicate effectively, without error, across protocols and technologies.

It is important that these platforms maintain full transparency to show which data is changed and activated. They must also ensure reruns when errors occur, divide orders into sub-orders, and much more.

Media and streaming

Netcompany delivers web portals, apps and backend systems for media streaming and ebook/magazine publication. We have over 15 years’ experience in this sector and have delivered modern and innovative solutions to the media and telecoms industry.

These solutions have had to meet the ever-increasing expectations that consumers have when consuming digital media. 

We have delivered apps and systems that are enjoyed by millions of users while listening to music, streaming films or reading ebooks. Given that these systems are entirely customer-oriented, they will always be based on your need for easy access to transparent and relevant data regarding customer behaviour; data that allows you to offer an optimised customer experience. 

Standard and legacy-free systems

The apps and platforms that we deliver are future-proof as we never use “one size fits all” legacy software. Netcompany’s approach is to utilise modern and open technology, ensuring that you are never locked in to any one supplier. We also have an agnostic approach to technology and our recommendations will always be focused on your needs alone.


By utilizing the principles of the ‘Composable Enterprise’ we combine and adapt standard platforms and reusable components according to your requirements. This enables you to differentiate yourselves from your competitors while also significantly reducing your running costs and time to market on new business initiatives.

We have a proven track record of lifting our customers out of old legacy systems such as mainframes and onto new, modern platforms — and we do this on time and within the agreed budget. 

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