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Netcompany has, for many years, delivered a number of innovative solutions to service companies, enabling them to offer in-demand products and services while simultaneously increasing their efficiency and customer retention.

We have a unique track record when it comes to freeing service companies from heavy legacy platforms. We deliver new, value-adding, cloud-based solutions that provide companies with the ability to adapt to changing markets while keeping running costs low.

The service industry relies heavily on strong relationships. The ability to continuously develop services and work your way up the value chain with key customers is an essential part of staying competitive and increasing profits.

Netcompany has played a key role in helping leading service companies use technology to become more competitive, whether this is within consulting, cleaning, facility management, fitness, ambulance services or other service-based sectors.

Resource planning and field service

Make service a strategic advantage with a powerful Field Service solution. Netcompany specialises in delivering and implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service; offering everything you could possibly need as a supplier, from optimised contract planning and competency management, to predictive maintenance. 

Your customers will enjoy a better experience with an integrated and strong Field Service solution that manages appointments, material use and invoicing, while also providing insights into the task at hand, too.

Planners will be supported more effectively with both manual, assisted and fully automatic planning options, based on availability, vehicles, geography and skills. Meanwhile, technicians will be given dynamic route planning options and a tool for improved task execution, checklists, time-recording, and much more.

Contract management (CLM)

Service companies must keep track of their successful tenders as well as the contractual obligations and opportunities that follow. A contract management solution (Contract Lifecycle Management – CLM) can provide an overview of all your contracts, from large construction contracts to smaller service agreements. This ensures that you are getting maximum value from your contracts by exploiting options and through upselling opportunities.

The solution also helps to minimise contractual risks as you can keep an eye on your obligations and compliance requirements. With a contract management solution, you can streamline your contracting processes, saving you valuable time and ensuring you always deliver high quality contracts. 

Netcompany has helped a number of large service companies implement Contract Lifecycle Management solutions and we have the necessary business and IT know-how to see companies through the successful delivery of these. We deliver on the leading market platforms – Apttus/Conga, Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Office 365 – and we ensure that the chosen solution is seamlessly integrated with the tools that your employees already use.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Service companies rely on the close relationships they have with their customers. Here, a CRM system is the key to achieving a 360⁰ customer overview. A CRM system can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Increased sales for existing and new customers through better lead and opportunity management
  • Better and more targeted marketing
  • Customer retention through improved service and response times

A CRM system alone does not create any value if the implementation is not based on your specific business needs and circumstances. With our extensive experience of working with the service industry and a consistent focus on creating value for businesses, we have achieved a unique track record in delivering CRM systems that create lasting value for our customers. 

ERP and billing

Timely and accurate invoicing is essential for service companies. We assume responsibility for the successful implementation of ERP in which we ensure the delivery of essential functions such as accurate time recording, expense management and project management. 

Netcompany differs from other ERP providers by considering ERP within a wider IT context. We are acutely aware of the fact that we must avoid ERP solutions becoming large monoliths that slow future IT initiatives down — instead becoming an effective solution that concentrates on the areas that ERP does well.

We deliver our ERP solutions via Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Finance & Operations, Business Central, AX and NAV) and are able to deliver billing through modern platforms — including Netcompany Billing, our highly agile, cloud-based billing solution. This solution is modular, flexible, integrable, has low running costs, and ensures that you are not tied to a set supplier. 

Customer portals

One way that you can use digitisation to differentiate yourselves from your competitors is through your level of customer service. We have been delivering innovative customer portals and self-service solutions to service companies for years. These solutions play a central role in creating the optimal customer journey and they ensure that your customers can quickly gain an overview of their current services as well as add new ones.

Our portal solutions are built on technology that can use behavioural data to monitor your customers’ needs. This allows you to promptly deliver new in-demand services to your customers.

Data insights and AI

Your company’s many IT systems are likely a rich source of data. By using this data correctly, you can gain greater insights, allowing you to make more qualified decisions and explore innovative business opportunities that can set you apart from your competitors. 

Netcompany delivers legacy-free platforms that automate data processes and exploit AI to make your company increasingly data-driven and better able to understand your customers’ behaviour, enabling you to offer targeted services. 

As a market-leading supplier of AI solutions, we can also assist you in lowering your carbon footprint. For instance, we can use advanced sensors and machine learning to control heating and ventilation so that it automatically adapts to the number of people currently in the building.

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