Energy & Utilities

We can help your business become a market leader with new digitized products, lower cost and higher market penetration.

We deliver utility services and platforms across Europe

With substantial industry knowledge, Netcompany helps you to digitise and support the full customer journey. We assist you in establishing and optimising the apps and platforms in your entire value chain, focusing on user-friendliness, automation, use of standard systems, as well as reusable components. We do this while continually striving for low maintenance and operating costs.

We don't deliver products - we deliver composable
utility platforms

Netcompany assists suppliers of energy, e-Mobility, fibrenet, waste disposal and wind power to modernize their application landscape and compose new business capabilities. We do this using the latest technology and our comprehensive supply platform and ecosystem of reusable components.

We combine and customise these standard platforms and components to suit your needs, so your business protects its competitive advantage, while also reducing running costs and time-to-market for new business ventures.

Harness the power of
composability to outpace the competition

»We strongly believe that composability will emerge as the digital paradigm of tomorrow's market leaders in the utilities landscape. It instills resilience to change, reduces system complexity, vendor dependency and operational cost - freeing up considerable resources to be invested in your competitiveness and increasing your market share.«

Anders Reinholdt Jacobsen, Partner, Netcompany

Optimizing your business and vertical

Netcompany covers all core utility verticals and can help modernize your business to become more data-driven and customer focused while optimizing your back-end processes and systems.

Reinventing commercial operation and customer journeys has been a vital part of Netcompanys work during the ongoing liberalization of the power and gas market.

We have helped our customers become more data-driven and customer-focused, while optimizing back-end processes and systems such as billing, CPQ, CRM, portals and ERP.

Large scale fiber-optics rollout is currently taking place across Europe at a rapid pace.

Netcompany has a deep understanding of end-to-end processes and delivers solutions and platforms to support planning of new projects, roll-out coordination, finance control, work force management and billing.

Wind power is all about manufacturing efficiency, data crunching and world-class service operation to keep wind turbines spinning for decades.

We have deep experience in most processes in the combined value chain from sales processes, service planning, contract governance, customer portals and more.

Cell phones supporting messaging, calls and – not the least – data connections are vital to our societies and the way we live and work today.

Netcompany is a leading provider of services, platforms and advisory from BSS, OSS, portals, self-service, CPQ and much more.

The world is in the middle of a green revolution which is fundamentally changing societies, businesses and the way we live our lives.

Netcompany truly believes that digitization is key to accelerate and maximize commercial opportunities for utility companies – and we have just started.

We have invested heavily in developing a modern, flexible and highly functional waste management platform that today supports a range of waste management organizations.

We deliver customer agreement management, billing, IoT integration to containers, route planning and much more.

Why Netcompany?

  • Best-of-need, legacy free solutions that reduce complexity, costs and vendor lock-in
  • A unique delivery model that enhances your digital maturity and independence
  • Access to our portfolio of 200+ future-proofed modules and accelerators that can speed up time to market for new solutions
  • Combine standard software with individual modules free of IP restrictions to fit your company’s needs – now and in the future
  • 20+ years of industry domain experience ensures that you hit the target without detours
  • We partner with all essential providers of industry-targeted digital tools, ensuring you will always have access to the mix of technologies optimal to your business

Platforms and accelerators

We have developed a range of platforms and reusable, specialized, and self-contained components made with legacy-free technology that can add-on to your standard software and accelerate any delivery, modernizing your stack.

Selected capabilities

Digital transformation

Many organizations are weighed down by legacy systems and struggling to keep up with the pace of innovation. At Netcompany, we have successfully helped our customers navigate through complex digital transformations by implementing agile processes, transforming how management approach strategic IT investment and modernized legacy monoliths into modern composable platforms.

Omni-channel customer engagement platform

A successful CRM system can completely transform the way in which you, as a supplier, support and create added value for and from your customers. Over the last few years, Netcompany has successfully introduced CRM systems for a number of suppliers.

These solutions have become business-critical focal points for all customer interaction across all departments.

They handle key areas such as: customer ownership; fully integrated 360° customer overviews; powerful case management (e.g. customer service with omni-channel support); plus innovative sales and marketing solutions as well.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 | Salesforce

Field service and planning systems

Make service a strategic advantage with a powerful Field Service solutions. Netcompany specialises in delivering and implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service; offering everything you could possibly need as a supplier, from optimised contract planning and competency management, to predictive maintenance.

Your customers will enjoy a better experience with an integrated and strong Field Service solution that manages appointments, material use and invoicing, while also providing insights into the task at hand, too.

Planners will be supported more effectively with both manual, assisted and fully automatic planning options, based on availability, vehicles, geography and skills. Meanwhile, technicians will be given dynamic route planning options and a tool for improved task execution, checklists, time-recording, and much more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 | Salesforce

Data management

Your company’s many IT systems are likely a rich source of data. By using this data correctly, you can gain greater insights, allowing you to make more qualified decisions and explore innovative business opportunities that can set you apart from your competitors.

Netcompany delivers legacy-free platforms that automate data processes and exploit AI to make your company increasingly data-driven and better able to understand your customers’ behaviour, enabling you to offer targeted services.

As a market-leading supplier of AI solutions, we can also assist you in lowering your carbon footprint.

Microsoft Azure | Snowflake

Innovative customer portals, apps and digital universes

These days your customers expect user-friendly and effective digital solutions that function on all devices. They expect to easily find information on your website and to perform relevant actions in a simple and straightforward way.

This can include actions such as ordering new products, registering a new address, monitoring usage, changing internet speeds, viewing and amending payment options, and many more.

Netcompany specialises in delivering integrated and easy-to-use digital universes. This specialisation has been built in part through working with a number of supply clients as well as through the many digital solutions that we have provided the Danish public sector, e.g., Smittestop App, BBR, etc.

Sitecore | Contentful | Umbraco | EpiServer

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