Data-driven digital marketing


Data-driven digital marketing

Modernising the marketing eco-system and transforming it into a flexible, maintainable and agile platform has enabled Novo Nordisk to optimise the creative and content delivery processes. As a data-driven unit, the marketing department can support other parts of the business in accomplishing their goals.

Novo Nordisk A/S is a Danish multinational pharmaceutical company with affiliates and offices in 75 countries and products in 180+. Novo Nordisk manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products and services, with a key focus on diabetes care medication and devices. Even in regulated industries, such as pharma, traditional communication and marketing has seen a rapid evolution in recent years. Users, patients and health care professionals access and share information through digital channels more than ever before. That’s why meeting the increased demand for fast, high-quality content — and providing customer insights to other parts of the business — have become a focus area at Novo Nordisk.

As an implementation partner, Netcompany helps Novo Nordisk bring this vision to life. Together, we introduce new services and tools to support the business strategy for multi-channel excellence; allowing the local affiliates to match the high demand for content delivery, to healthcare professionals and patients through new digital channels.

Netcompany assisted Novo Nordisk in bridging marketing and sales by implementing identity management and analytics to collect data; providing valuable insights to the rest of the organisation for commercial use.

Implementing a multi-channel platform that makes data the heart of digital marketing and communication.


  • Cloud-based solution hosting 100+ websites and portals including corporate sites, patient and HCP portals, campaign and product sites
  • Centralised identity access management that delivers customer data insights to increase customer engagement
  • Global 24/7 service-desk for servicing the global business, relevant third parties and other vendors on the platform

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