19 June 2024

Netcompany chosen to deliver the digital backbone to the Swedish Tax Agency

The Swedish Tax Agency, Skatteverket, has chosen Netcompany’s SOLON TAX for the modernisation of the central tax system, which manages all tax inflows and outflows for all citizens and companies in Sweden. The agreement marks a definitive breakthrough for Netcompany in the Swedish market.

Tax is among the most critical and complex digital organisms in a modern European welfare society. To ensure tax revenues are correctly allocated, it requires numerous of central IT solutions working together. At the same time, frequent and intricate political changes in tax legislation mean that tax inflow and outflow systems need to be adaptable to both new legislation, security requirements, and standards.

The flexibility is one of the main reasons Skatteverket has chosen to implement Netcompany’s state of the art tax solution, SOLON TAX. The deal is a part of Skatteverket’s effort to replace legacy systems to manage all tax inflows and outflows for all citizens and companies in Scandinavia’s largest country.

The solution has been developed based on Netcompany’s over 20 years of expertise and experience in digitalising the tax sector in Europe. As a result, SOLON TAX is designed as a modular, future-ready, and adaptable solution, which can quickly be adjusted to the changing needs and legislative requirements of tax authorities across Europe.

»Skatteverket is an essential pillar in the Swedish welfare state. At Netcompany, we are extremely proud to deliver a core system for the Swedish government. Netcompany has been a leading actor in the tax sector in Europe for several years, and with this first major deal in Sweden, we have proven that SOLON TAX is a catalyst for breaking into new markets«

André Rogaczewski, CEO Netcompany

The agreement is worth a nine-figure sum in DKK and lasts up to seven years, with the option of 20 years of extension.



SOLON TAX is targeted at tax administrations across Europe and is developed with an easily adaptable architecture, allowing the solution to support the collection of selected types of tax and elements of the tax collection process. The solution is based on modern open technologies and can easily be further developed to avoid vendor lock-in.

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