Modernizing devevelopment aid grant management

Modernizing devevelopment aid grant management

Modernising an existing system, Netcompany has delivered a solution for development aid grant management at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The new system constitutes the core of how the ministry manages the granting of development aid and is the primary source system for the key information used in the statistical reporting to OECD-DAC. The system secures joint access to data and information from all of the grant administrations’ source systems.

The portfolio of systems used for development aid grant management is implemented in a service-oriented architecture. The key information is sourced through master data management, allowing transparency in the reporting of the allocated funds internally in the organisation and to the public. International standards for reporting like IATI (International Aid Transparency Initiative) and code lists from OECD-DAC are used as the source for registering the use of the development aid. Payment of development aid is handled through integrations with the government’s standard systems resulting in an efficient aid process from start to end.

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