»Many have described us as a 'dynamic duo' because we've always been inseparable«

Mads Østerø Nørregaard and August Clement Leve have been inseparable since their first day of university, later as roommates, and today as colleagues at Netcompany. Here, they share their experiences of transitioning from being students to consultants and how they have been able to support each other through both student and professional life.

The transition from student life to working life is a big milestone, and it can feel particularly exciting and unfamiliar for many. This was also the case for the two friends Mads and August, who stood together one day in September 2021 in front of Netcompany’s main entrance, ready to take on their new roles as consultants. They both remember the feelings of excitement and uncertainty that accompanied them through their first weeks.

However, their shared career start at Netcompany was far from the first time the two friends shared the beginning of a new chapter in life.

A ‘dynamic duo’ from the beginning

Mads and August met for the first time in 2016 when they both started studying computer science at the University of Copenhagen and it quickly became apparent that the two had a lot in common.

They actively engaged in various academic and social networks at the university, and their shared interests quickly grew into a strong friendship.

After one year of friendship, both faced the prospect of moving away from home for the first time. They decided to find an apartment together and were no longer just each other’s best friends but also roommates.

»Many have described us as a ‘dynamic duo’ because we’ve always been inseparable. It actually fits us quite well because we are very similar, and we both love to be social and have fun together«, says August.

»We often share knowledge and brainstorm together. Especially in the beginning, it was nice to have your best friend here, who you could share your experiences with«

For three years, Mads and August shared their daily lives as roommates before they both decided that it was time to move out of their shared apartment and instead move in with their girlfriends. However, despite the fact that their student days was coming to an end, and the two friends no longer lived under the same roof, they were still following the same path – and it quickly became apparent that Netcompany would be the next stop on their shared adventure.

»Netcompany contacted me when I was about to finish my studies and invited me in for a job interview. During the recruitment process, I quickly realised that this was where I wanted to work«, Mads explains and continues:

»I vividly remember calling August and telling him about my experience. Then one thing led to another, and before I knew it, I had recommended August. And it didn’t take long before we were both offered a job.«

Three pieces of advice when starting as a graduate

You don’t have to know everything from the start, so accept that you will develop along the way and that you can learn from your mistakes.

Take responsibility for your own development, and be open and honest about your ambitions and what motivates you. Your manager will be better equipped to help you if they know what level of support you need and what your aspirations for the future are.

The social aspect of Netcompany is definitely something we can recommend that you take part in. Our many After Dark events are a good way to expand your network and, at the same time, do something fun with your colleagues.

We can still learn a lot from each other

Although Mads and August shared their first day at work they quickly found themselves on two very different projects.

Mads joined a large and long-term project where he had direct contact with the client from the beginning. August, on the other hand, had the opportunity to contribute with his data knowledge and gain specific domain knowledge on several smaller projects.

And it has only strengthened their relationship further that they each have had their own experiences and gained different insights. Both Mads and August see it as a great advantage that they can develop alongside each other.

»Even to this day, we continue to consult with each other. Although we are working on two very different projects, we use each other to exchange experiences and share good advice«, says August.

Mads and August went bouldering in Sydhavn. In bouldering, the routes are called "problems" because besides technique and strength, they require a fair amount of creativity to solve.

»Even if you don't know what you want, but are open, ambitious, and ready to learn and challenge yourself, you will go far«

Responsibility from the very first day

For the two friends, responsibility and development are two essential keywords that reappear when describing their first months at Netcompany: »Getting responsibility from the first day is taken very literally here,« says Mads.

Both Mads and August were promoted to senior consultants at the beginning of 2024. But that hasn’t stopped their learning curve. On the contrary.

»You’re constantly evolving. In addition to continuously expanding your IT toolbox, you also learn to rethink and optimise processes. And with our new senior role, there are naturally higher expectations placed on us, which means we continue to develop both professionally and personally«, says August.

You don’t need to know everything from day one

According to Mads and August, as a recent graduate, it’s important to accept that the transition to working life takes time to get used to, and you shouldn’t expect to know everything from the first day. Instead, it’s about being open to learning and developing along the way.