2.3 m. users on the same platform


2.3 m. users on the same platform

Denmark’s new school communication platform, Aula, is a single IT solution facilitating interaction between day care providers, schools and homes. It is influencing the everyday life of more than 2 million users.

Aula will be used daily by more than 2.3 million users with widely different needs, ranging from year-one pupils and their parents to school secretaries and grandparents. The system was developed in close collaboration with its future users and the customer KOMBIT – the Danish municipalities’ joint IT/project organisation.

Over and above setting a new benchmark for digital communication solutions, Aula also involves a huge organisational implementation project, ensuring adoption of the system at more than 1,700 schools and over 4,000 daycare providers.

Safety and usability are core qualities in Aula as the primary hub for information and interaction regarding children in day care and school.


  • A user-friendly one stop communication platform for all, set up to add future innovative features
  • Easy access to personalized information and overviews
  • A uniform system across institutions and all 98 Danish municipalities
  • Reliable data processing and a strong foundation for local authorities’ data protection measures
  • The solution encourages competition and transparency for providers of learning platforms and educational apps through integration to Aula
  • Very scalable and robust infrastructure running in AWS to accommodate more than 550.000 unique daily users

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