»I’ve learned to prioritise the important things«

»I’ve learned to prioritise the important things«

Whether embarking on week-long mountain hikes or cycling the length of Norway`s coast, Johanne Linde has always loved to challenge herself. Her adventurous spirit, combined with an unwavering passion for technology, convinced her to move to Oslo in 2014, where she started her journey in Netcompany. Fast forward to today, Johanne stands as a managing architect, where she balances being an important resource on a project for Norsk helsenett, facilitating secure and efficient electronic interactions for Norwegian citizens and healthcare providers, all while nurturing her role as a devoted mother to her two young children. Here, she shares her story.

From an early age,

Johanne Linde has been fascinated by the intricate world of technology. While she has always been interested in science and mathematics in school, her career path was far from predetermined.

»Although I have always been drawn to technology, it was somewhat coincidental that I ended up in the field of data. During high school, I attended a technology camp for girls organised by NTNU, and among the various studies presented, data seemed the most intriguing to me. This sparked my interest in IT and eventually led me to pursue a degree in computer engineering«.

Responsibility from day one

During her studies, Johanne worked as a summer intern at Netcompany and after she graduated, she joined as a full-time consultant at the Oslo office. Even though Johanne found it challenging at times to navigate settling into a new city while also embarking on her career as a recent graduate, her new Netcompany colleagues gave her a very warm welcome, which combined with a thorough onboarding and guidance, made the transition from student to young professional easier. Fuelled by a supportive environment, she quickly got more responsibility, leading her to excel in her project while also developing a profound sense of leadership.

»In my first project, I learned a lot of new things in a short amount of time. Especially thanks to my colleagues, who were always there to help or guide me. They also gave me recommendations for books and podcasts, which I really appreciated, as I was eager to gain new knowledge. As I gained more confidence in my abilities, I found that I enjoyed taking on more responsibility. My desire to take on new challenges eventually led me to become head of our internal women’s network during my first years as a consultant«.

»Even if I didn’t start with a leadership role, I’ve worked my way into them«

Johanne Linde

Growing as a leader

Building on her foundation as a leader for Netcompany’s internal women’s network, Johanne’s natural leadership qualities became even more evident as she gained multiple key roles in various projects. Reflecting on her progression from consultant to managing architect, she believes that her determination to learn new things was key to her growth journey.

»I’ve always had a desire to learn, and I’ve often taken on new tasks rather than waiting to be asked. Gradually, this has led me to roles with more responsibility in different projects. Even if I didn’t start with a leadership role, I’ve worked my way into them. Therefore, I’ve found myself shouldering some kind of leadership in every project since my very first one «, Johanne says.


Combining work life with motherhood

During the last three years, Johanne has become the mother of two young children. While juggling deadlines and diaper changes has undoubtedly added a layer of busyness to her daily life, she appreciates how both roles enrich her life in their own way.

»Through the journey of receiving more responsibility at work while also becoming a parent, I’ve learned to prioritise the important things. For instance, with my everyday life requiring me to be more efficient, I’ve started biking with my children on my electric bike to kindergarten before work to combine both family time and physical activity. However, I must admit that it sometimes feels like cheating when I effortlessly pass others on regular bicycles«, Johanne laughs.

Appreciating excellence

During the last year working with Norsk helsenett, Johanne and her team have contributed to high-quality e-health solutions and services to society. Deeply rooted in her leadership philosophy, Johanne not only sets a high bar for her own work, but she always seeks to inspire and motivate her team to do the same.

»As a technical leader, I’ve always focused on creating a team culture that values quality work, innovation and precision. I don’t just set high expectations for myself; I also like to challenge my team members to continuously look at the bigger picture and explore new ways to keep developing, both personally and professionally. As we continue our work with Norsk helsenett, I believe that fostering an environment where appreciating excellence becomes an ingrained part of our team’s DNA will lay the foundation for our sustained success«, Johanne concludes.