»It's great to be trusted with so much responsibility in such a short time«

»It's great to be trusted with so much responsibility in such a short time«

Responsibility and development are the motivational drivers for Julia Loftsdòttir’s career at Netcompany.

Today, Julia has been granted the role as manager and enjoys a daily routine where she constantly learns how to create more value on both a societal level and for the specific project she’s working on.

Julia has always been technically interested but used her bachelor’s degree to pinpoint where exactly she belonged within the IT industry. She found her enthusiasm particularly through a UX elective course, where she opened her eyes to the human aspect of IT solutions and the opportunity to delve into the user’s experience with the final product. Since then, the pursuit of “the good solution” has been the focal point of her career.

She is currently working on a project in the public sector, the Municipal Pension System , where she, in collaboration with her project manager, is responsible for all the teams on the project. It is especially the responsibility which keeps Julia motivated: “It’s amazing to be involved in such a large project within the municipal sector and create a solution that has a positive impact on so many citizens.”

I dreamt of becoming a manager early in my career. And both aspirations have now become reality.

Julia Loftsdòttir

Development at the forefront

With responsibility comes challenges, so a focus on development has been paramount from day one. The opportunity to grow internally within the organisation was one of the reasons why Netcompany was the right match for the newly graduated candidate from DTU (Technical University of Denmark) . “I expressed that I wanted to work in the intersection between business and IT from the beginning. Additionally, I dreamt of becoming a manager early in my career. And both aspirations have now become reality. I experienced that I was listened to and recognised for my interest in both professional and personal development.”

New role, new aspirations

When asked what her aspiration is today, Julia particularly highlights one focus: to be a good leader for the project and the team. “In connection with my promotion, I participated in Netcompany’s New Manager Seminar. Here, I realised that as a manager, you wear many hats, and you can’t always be good at everything. However, it’s all about being able to identify the needs of each individual in a specific situation.”

Support all the way

Fortunately, Julia never feels that she is alone with the responsibility. With support from colleagues across projects and from Netcompany’s professional and social initiatives, such as Netcompany Academy and After Dark, Julia has plenty of people in her network to consult with when the need occurs. It is the same space for collaboration and dialogue that she now wants to create for her colleagues: “The most important thing for me is to be someone people always can come to, even when they have made mistakes. It is exactly my role as a manager to assist in finding a solution when difficult situations arise.”

Value-creating relationships

With several Netcompany colleagues living near Julia and her boyfriend, the good working relationships also extend to their personal lives. Together with a colleague, they have decided, for example, to learn how to SUP board. For Julia, these personal relations create a better connection between work and personal life. “I find great value in having a relationship with my colleagues. I enjoy being among my colleagues, talking to them over a coffee, and having lunch together. People really appreciate the social aspect in Netcompany. It’s truly motivating.”