»It's almost like starting a new company«

»It's almost like starting a new company«

From the outset, Zulekha Malik was drawn to technology, yet her career path remained open-ended. Experience steered her towards project management. Now, at Netcompany, she has just successfully finished her first project that she has led as a delivery manager from start to finish. Today, she shares her insights from this journey to becoming a Senior Consultant and Delivery Manager at Netcompany. Her key learnings include the importance of trying new things, staying curious, and building strong relationships with clients. 

Exploration is key 

I was always good at computing and maths at school, and at home, I was the go-to person to fix things, which led me to pursue a technical degree. Studying Computer Science, I realised that I usually fall into the role of project manager when doing group work. I started exploring internships that would revolve around PM roles on technology projects. Later, I went back to IBM for the graduate scheme, and, deciding to join the rotation scheme, I spent a year in Strategic Sales as a bid manager, and a year on multiple projects in delivery. This cemented that I wanted to do PM/Scrum Master roles in delivery focusing on innovative technical projects. During my latest project, I’ve been a delivery lead from the beginning, and it’s been a great experience. 


Get outside of your comfort zone 

In technology, there is no opportunity to get bored. With every new client and project, it’s almost like you’re starting a new company. All clients are different, sometimes you have to learn about them in a short space of time which is key to nurturing relationships and making good decisions. Dealing with the unknowns is probably the hardest but most interesting part of what I do. Learning quickly, moving fast, and stepping outside your comfort zone, can be taxing, but a healthy amount of stress means I’m growing and developing. 

Communication is key 

To me, the perfect client is willing to have conversations. You need regular touch points, and the more you keep them in the loop, the better – then things likely won’t go drastically wrong. What is the client’s vision for the future, the road map, and so forth – it’s a continuing discussion. As for myself, I benefit a lot from having the support of my superiors in Netcompany – having open conversations to validate your thinking. 

Make use of communities 

Whenever I meet someone new to Netcompany, I tell them about all the knowledge we have in Netcompany: the documentation, the templates, and the communities. When I joined my computer science degree, I was the only female on my course, and that stimulated my interest in Women in Technology organisations. That interest has transpired into Netcompany, where I am an active member of the Women in Netcompany ERG and continue to represent as a STEM Ambassador. 

»When you work in technology, there is no opportunity to get bored«

Zulekha Malik

Work. Then relax 

Spending time with the kids in my family is my idea of “switching off” and I see my nieces and nephews on a weekly basis. 

When I get the chance, I am also very outdoorsy. My most recent trip this year was hiking in Slovenia, where I had the opportunity to paraglide over Lake Bled and white-water raft on the Soca River. The After Dark events at Netcompany are really well thought through, I love the puppy therapy idea and the Summer Party this year was probably the best event at Netcompany I have been to. There was a little something for everyone.

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