»It’s a people’s business«

»It’s a people’s business«

Sarang Radke joined Netcompany in the UK in 2020. Born and raised in India, he moved to the West to finish his education. Today, he shares lessons from his journey across continents and cultures, emphasising his unique management style and the supportive culture at Netcompany. 

The presidents of Google, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe, and YouTube come from India.
»We owe this to the long-standing tradition of valuing education and continuous learning. The historical focus on knowledge has fostered an adaptive mindset and respect for diverse cultures«, Sarang Radke says.

Orange City 

Sarang’s roots trace back to the heart of central India, Nagpur, known as “Orange City” for its abundant citrus orchards. 

In Sarang’s words, it’s a »pretty laid-back town« with a rich heritage, but it has evolved into an educational hub renowned for its focus on math and science.  

Sarang started his career in a big international conglomerate in Mumbai’s dynamic business landscape amidst India’s offshoring boom.  

»I had to learn to adjust to the Western philosophy of free markets«, Sarang recalls. 

To further explore the potential gains of cross-fertilising Eastern and Western cultures, Sarang travelled to the UK for a Master’s degree at the London School of Economics in 2007.  

Sarang Radke outside the London office.

During coursework, Sarang worked with a more mature way of delivering projects, with intensive boot camps at Deloitte and PwC. After his degree, he returned to technical consultancy, spanning various roles in startups, big enterprises, and, eventually, leadership roles in the public sector. He built his experience managing multi-supplier projects and driving engineering teams to solve complex problems.  

In 2019, Netcompany, which had just entered the UK market, piqued his interest. 

»It’s a people’s business« 

Today, Sarang has worked in Netcompany for three years, applying a unique management style balancing Indian and Western traits. 

»I’ve learned the importance of resilience and proactive problem-solving from Western culture while maintaining a thoughtful, community-oriented mindset, creating social value«

Sarang Radke

The variety of the London office surroundings at display. Located at King's Cross, Netcompany's London office is part of a veritable tech hub that includes Google and Meta.

On his latest project, Sarang created a dashboard for his four work teams, coloured tasks red, blue, and green, clarifying his team’s needs and encouraging them to always share their problems openly. That set a framework allowing things to change without disrupting too much. Building relationships and understanding the needs of both clients and teams are key to Sarang’s way of establishing a healthy work culture. 

»With clients, transparency is key, but so is considering our team’s wellbeing. Agreeing to every client demand can strain the team, so careful negotiation is crucial to maintain a healthy balance«, Sarang says.  

»On one occasion, I navigated a difficult conversation with a sceptical client regarding our proposed solution. By patiently listening and understanding their apprehensions, I reshaped the dialogue from immediate challenges to the broader vision of digital transformation. I and my team presented a detailed walkthrough of a balanced approach as a long-term strategic enhancement aligned with their business goals. Ultimately, the client embraced our solution and commended our approach, citing it as a key factor in building a more robust, trust-based relationship«, Sarang says.

Sarang’s unique blend of action, resilience, and adaptability keeps his team on track and buzzing with life – also outside of work. 

»I love how Netcompany supports the personal aspects of its employees’ lives. Netcompany’s ‘After Dark’ team organises wonderful family events. My daughter’s enthusiasm for these events speaks volumes about the company’s culture. It feels like we’re nurturing a future consultant«, Sarang says with a smile and offers a piece of final advice to such future consultants. 

»My advice is to keep learning. Have an open mind. Stay curious. And never suffer in silence«, Sarang ends.