People and talents

The backbone of Netcompany is and has always been the employees and the ta­lents they possess. The complexity of delivering best-in-class IT-solutions requires the top IT-talent available and a continuing development of employees.


It is not only the individual employee’s responsibility to utilise and develop their talents, it is also up to Netcompany to create an environment that allows each employee, regardless of personal circumstances, (cultural background, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation etc), to thrive and unfold their talent.

Creating the optimal environment for employee’s talent utilisation is beneficial, both to the company and for the individual employee. Maximum talent utilisation contributes to Netcompany’s primary goals – “On time, budget and scope”.

Simultaneously, maximum talent utilisation benefits the individual employee aiding their personal development and growth and building a strong platform for current and future career and life.

Being a people and knowledge based company, the ability to retain talent is a key objective. Therefore, Netcompany has built a company culture that combines personal growth, wellbeing, and the sense of belonging with a best-in- class learning environment and a strong performance culture.

Learning environment

Netcompany takes a threefold approach to the employee learning environment:

On-the-job training

Utilising the knowledge and talent of Netcompany employees and enabling them to pass this on to new talents in Netcompany, is an important strategic tool to ensure a quick onboarding process and minimising the time it takes before an employee is ready to contribute to the deliverance of the Group’s complex IT-projects.

Netcompany has faith in new employees and trust them to contribute from the beginning, but no one is on their own in Netcompany.

Under the guidance of one of the many masters in Netcompany, both new and more senior employees will be learning on the projects and continuing to develop their IT skills and talents. As the knowledge and skills of the employees develops, the corresponding tasks, area of responsibility etc. continuously changes to match the skill level and to challenge employees to reach the next level. This process is ongoing throughout every employee’s career.

Peer to peer

Netcompany makes use of direct career coaching from senior peers or managers. Every employee is assigned a mentor, that will support the mentee in their career development and will make sure that the mentee continuously improves and prepares for the next career step.

The mentor provides a real-life visualisation of the career opportunities in Netcompany and through that provides career inspiration for the mentee. The mentor will also provide the mentee with a long-term relationship with a senior colleague, that can act as an anchor in a fast-paced and continuingly expanding organisation.


The peer-to-peer and on the job training does not stand alone. All Netcompany employees are enrolled into the Netcompany Academy. The purpose of the Netcompany Academy is to support the continuous development and progress within the group and ensure that every employee’s IT-toolbox is equipped with the necessary tools to solve every complex task of the next generation IT-solutions.

Netcompany Academy is comprised of several different learning modules. These learning modules are designed in a way, so that time and content are tailored to the individual employee’s career progression and are linked to the Netcompany career models, career paths and specific roles. Netcompany Academy plays a key role in ensuring continuous career development and progression for employees. The aim is to align the academy progress to each individual employees preferred pace, personal interest and aspiration.