Annual Report 2023

Changing Europe with responsible digitalisation

Chair Bo Rygaard and CEO André Rogaczewski

Interview with the Chairman and the CEO

CFO Thomas Johansen

Interview with the CFO


Operating entities

Netcompany Denmark


Netcompany Denmark realised revenue on level with 2022, due to decreased revenue in the private segment, however, slightly offset by increase in the public segment.

Revenue growth: -0.2%
Gross profit margin: 37.2%
Adj. EBITA margin: 22.2%
Client facing FTEs: 2,837

Netcompany-Intrasoft grew by 20.6% driven by strong performance in both public and private segment, and delivered margin on level with last year.

Revenue growth: 20.6%
Gross profit margin: 19.9%
Adj. EBITA margin: 11.0%
Client facing FTEs: 3,228

Netcompany Denmark


Netcompany UK grew revenue by 21.9% mainly driven by strong performance in public segment and increased tender writing, which however impacted margin negatively.

Revenue growth: 21.9%
Gross profit margin: 25.1%
Adj. EBITA margin: 13.4%
Client facing FTEs: 613

Netcompany Denmark


Netcompany Norway increased revenue by 25.8% driven by both public and private revenue. Margin was improved and the entity is expected to become profitable within 2024.

Revenue growth: 25.8%
Gross profit margin: 15.2%
Adj. EBITA margin: -1.3%
Client facing FTEs: 355

Netcompany Denmark


Netcompany Netherlands grew revenue by 44.7% solely driven by the public segment, while margin improved significantly due to better pricing on new projects.

Revenue growth: 44.7%
Gross profit margin: 21.4%
Adj. EBITA margin: 2.7%
Client facing FTEs: 162

Annual Report 2023