Netcompany DNA

In a challenging time with high inflation, energy crisis and war, Netcompany maintains focus on the long term ambition to help build strong sustainable societies and successful companies and ultimately create better lives for everyone.

In the past two decades Netcompany has gained a large and unique knowledge in several industries, while realising high growth, based on a solution oriented work model with a strong proof of client successes and a superior talent model with IT leaderships.

Over time, Netcompany has become a trusted advisor to governments across existing markets, and proven its ability to deliver across markets. That trust have been mirrored with large private enterprises particularly in Denmark. In addition, Netcompany also built a wide portfolio of platforms and technical foundations, which combined with strong delivery expertise lay the fundament for the future success of Netcompany.

The Netcompany DNA is composed of three unique strings

From home markets, Netcompany bring a unique way of working and a track record of delivering on time, on budget and with high quality.

The focus will be on sectors with a digital ambition, understanding their business domain and all relevant new technology adoption.

With a constant desire to reuse, Netcompany has built a strong library of technical platforms, accelerators and components to lower risk and ensure efficient and reliable implementation.

Industry insight

Based on fit-of-offerings, spend and existing relationships combined with market maturity assessments, Netcompany have carefully selected four public and four private industries to be the main focus areas for growth. Code libraries and foundations together with proven technologies and platforms will act as the main drivers of growth in these selected industries. The introduction of new roles trough reorganisation and targeted investments in 2023, will ensure focus on these targeted industries across Netcompany.

"Go-To-Market" approach

Driven by the purpose to help governments and businesses become successful and sustainable, Netcompany have structured a “Go-To-Market” approach through Industry Leads that are dedicated to the sharing of knowledge in collaboration with costumers and industries. Through its 20+ years of knowledge and several large complex deliveries, Netcompany naturally seek to be part of the innovation and enhancement, thus becoming the “partner of choice” for costumers in the industry.


To scale the Netcompany delivery mechanism, Foundations has been introduced in the organisation. This solid common starting point is reusable code libraries and will be implemented on all deliveries during the coming years. This standardised “starter kit” is comprised of well documented architecture, built, tested and operated by a central team dedicated to ensuring that the foundations always are updated to best practice. Foundations will accelerate deliveries and costumers will stand on the shoulders of already delivered best in class IT solutions.